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Twitter Thread: Cat Owners Keeping 'Trash' For Their Cats

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    Font - Kendra (normal version) @kendrawcandraw Cat ownership is just going "that trash has been there for two months because the cat likes to sit on it. That's the cat's trash" 6:18 PM - Jan 10, 2022 - Twitter for iPad 9,613 Retweets 1,001 Quote Tweets 73.2K Likes

    Reminding everyone - there is no shame in doing this! It may be trash for us, but that empty box of tissues is treasure for them. We would have thrown it out, we promise, it's not a matter of laziness. The only reason we have chosen to keep it is because we're pawsome cat owners, okay?

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    Photograph - Kendra (normal version) ... @kendrawcandraw Wow this blew up here's me currently qualifying as cat trash 8:56 PM - Jan 10, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 38 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 2,804 Likes

    To be honest, this is the first thought we had when we read the initial tweet that started the thread. "If our cat sits on us, does that mean that we are trash?" No, it does not mean that you are trash, but it does mean that you are as valuable or perhaps even more valuable to them than that box of Kleenex, and we take that as an honor. 

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    Cat - yuliebeth of vengeberg @juliebeth Replying to @kendrawcandraw This box has lived under the piano for at least 6 months because cat
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    Wood - beth, duh ... @bethopolis Replying to @kendrawcandraw Behold the Seaside Cattage, aka the Hut, which has been a favorite nap spot since 2018.
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    Wood - HAYLEY C ... @fuckinghayley_ Replying to @kendrawcandraw I stopped cleaning my room because that's his spot Opportunity
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    Cat - cHickeNBOb ... @CHICKKENN1 Replying to @kendrawcandraw Old mattress and box spring in the living room for over a month
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    Cat - Dax ... @DaxDarkness Replying to @kendrawcandraw My cat Jupier claimed one of those circular collapsible laundry hampers that I was going to throw out. I left it on the floor for her for 6 months and eventually she stopped sleeping in it so I threw it away. Now everytume she's in my room she just stares at the spot it was in.
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    Cat - Megdromeda (she/her) @Megdromeda Replying to @kendrawcandraw Can confirm! This box has been sitting in my livingroom for months so Leia can enjoy it when it pleases her.
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    Comfort - TheDrunkinBird @StevenZiesemer Replying to @kendrawcandraw Post Xmas "Cat Trash" , He loves diving and rolling in the tissue paper KRUPS
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    Property - useful & strange ... @dissolveriol Replying to @kendrawcandraw This had a desk chair in it in June. It takes up like 5% of our very small living room.
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    Product - Nancy E Worthington @nwmsprof ... Replying to @kendrawcandraw This is the bag she gets in. There's another one on the other side of the room she gets on. RECYCLLA An ns
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    Cat - Kazmer Grimm ... @kazmergrimm Replying to @kendrawcandraw *sighs at the 3D printer foam I can never get rid of*
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    White - Ilja W. @dj_froge ... Replying to @kendrawcandraw These are just 2 of the 4 different boxes he has in the living room.
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    Cat - Amanda W ... @LightingUpLove Replying to @kendrawcandraw What are you taking about?? Is this bag NOT aesthetically pleasing to humans? knife

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