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Twitter Thread: Cats Singlehandedly Keeping Humans Sane

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    Font - Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans) @lwriteOK why yes i would like to adopt a tiny, semi-feral animal with a lifespan just a fraction of my own and then make it's continued survival the lynchpin of my mental health

    Aww, cats really do end up occupying our minds 24/7. Although we suppose this could also be about a small and very sassy dog, a few different dog breeds come to mind. Let us know in the comments if when you read this you pictures a dog, because for us it had cat energy written all over it. 

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    Product - DHCooper @DHCalifornicus Replying to @lwriteOK And doing so was one of the best things I've ever done.

    Ahaha, we have to agree with that. Adopting our pets was one of the best things we've ever done, you can't put any price on the amount of joy and happiness that adopting animals has given us. Our cats and dogs are simply priceless when we think of the joy they've brought our families!

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    Cat - sav ... @sav_online Replying to @lwriteOK thriving
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    Rectangle - Lars Hansson @romabysen Replying to @lwriteOK Yes, I too want a cat.
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    Photograph - Comrade Banana @ComradeBanana_ Replying to @lwriteOK This is Noodle. He loves you.
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    Font - Jennifer Welburn @jwelburn23 Replying to @sav_online and @lwriteOK Little Lord Fatbelly
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    Cat - Dan Olson @FoldableHuman Replying to @lwriteOK Worth it
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    Font - Shane Burley @shane_burley1 Replying to @lwriteOK The emotional responsibility I place on my cat is my mental health house of cards. He better outlive me otherwise this whole things gonna collapse.
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    Cat - Leftist Cassandra @ScrambledMeggs Replying to @lwriteOK I love them even when they draw blood.
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    Light - (V070) aɔnj8 ... @Reservelist Replying to @shane_burley1 and @lwriteOK They get to be 18 years old become the furry equivalent of a subprime mortgage, this old man got expensive with age.
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    Cat - MM19 ... @mnewsince Replying to @shane_burley1 and @lwriteOK Indeed.
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    Font - Haylee Archer @hayleearcher ... Replying to @shane_burley1 and @lwriteOK I regularly tell my cat that one of us is more emotionally equipped to deal with the death of the other, so he needs to outlive me
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    Cat - Rogue One Core #BLM #ACAB @nyarlathotep42 ... sabotage is direct action Replying to @lwriteOK Yes.
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    Cat - InaEttaAna ... @InaEttaAna Replying to @nyarlathotep42 and @lwriteOK Is, is that MY cat? 6.
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    Font - bctgm enjoyer @_z Replying to @lwriteOK this is true for any pet. we see them as our children, and the human brain is not equipped to deal with death of children, it is just natural. but in the meantime, you make a small animal's life luxurious, and they share the affection.
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    Cat - Sara @veinsofthemoon Replying to @lwriteOK Absolutely. Life is better with soft babies with murder mittens.

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