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Top 20 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #228

  • 1
    Head - You're born cold and naked. Then your grandma knits you something. ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM

    We've been on a trip around the sun quite a few times now and we're learning to appreciate the simple things. On days like this, we're thankful for our awesome community that produces new and hilarious cat memes all the time.

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  • 2
    Nose - How do you measure Millennials? A FA Ihate it when you're right. In instagrams! ICANHASCHEEZEURGER.COM
  • 3
    Cat - lean, mean, warm-butt-by-the-fireplace machine thanx Jiskat

    Is this actual footage of us from last night while we sat at home with the heat on full blast? No, it couldn't be, who would have had access to this footage. 

  • 4
    Cat - At dawn we ride.
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  • 5
    Food - When you have everything you want but still feel empty inside
  • 6
    Roar - Of course I'm PRIME! What do you expect? video str movies and free lis pri free d s oapin pri
  • 7
    Bookcase - I fully intend to read all of the bookŞI have purchased HOPAINAINDnl Iamon-schedule to dolit by my 239th birthday
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  • 8
    Cat - But WHY can'tI move in, human? Just because yoü have a dog, doesn't mean there is no room for a cat on your comfy couch.
  • 9
    Carnivore - Fly or design??
  • 10
    Car - P OL I'm sorry, I can'tfigure out what's wrong. Quantum Physics is more my cup of tea. ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM
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  • 11
    Cat - Maine Coon Cats Poneer Better than TV
  • 12
    Cat - LUMCH TIEM
  • 13
    Dog - Take this mutt away, otherwise you'll regret it! Unless you enjoy vet bills!
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  • 14
    Cat - I thought you said this came with a mouse. FunnyCatWorld.com
  • 15
    Cat - Thad a clock like this when I was younger No CAPTION NEEDED (EXCEPT THIS ONE)
  • 16
    Cat - Me when I have entered my password three times and it still doesn't work.
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  • 17
    Cat - Taking time to do nothing oiten brings everything Into perspective.
  • 18
    Photograph - Ever heard of lefit overs? Just hang on Imay leave you some!
  • 19
    Cat - time to take a break and feed your kitteh ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM
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  • 20
    Cat - Sometimes, Itell myself: "Put the book down and get some stuff done." Then I tell myself, "Bequiet" TCANHASCHEEZEURGER.COM:

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