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Shark Week But Cute: Sharks That Will Make You Say 'Awww' Instead of 'Aaahhhh'

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    That's a Boat, Silly!

    Water - Australia is literally trying to kill you 24/7. gfycat.com/alertj. L

    Don't worry, Australia isn't really trying to kill you…or at least not the sharks there. This guy just seems a little confused as to why his prey (a boat) isn't bothered by his strong teeth! In the video, we here a very amused Australian man ask the shark "what're ya doin', mate?" The shark's too embarrassed that people saw him to stick around, and immediate swims away!

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    Hawaii Bans Shark Fishing


    This year Hawaii became the first US state to ban all types of shark fishing. That applies to every species of shark. If it's in Hawaiian waters, it's off-limits! This is a big step for the protection of marine life, and hopefully other ocean states will follow suit. Save our shark friends!

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    Basking Shark

    Water - Basking Shark off Irish coast. Pic by @georgekarbus

    As it turns out, "basking" is a double entendre! Yes, this shark is sunbathing, but Basking Sharks are also a species of shark. They're found all over the world in temperate waters, and are particularly important to Irish and Norwegian fishing history. Luckily no one is fishing them anymore! You can learn more about them and how to help protect them at the Irish Basking Shark Group.

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    Newborn Zebra Shark

    Insect - Tik Tok sanantonie aquarium

    In this video, a woman helps a baby Zebra shark out of its egg! She explains that sharks often have trouble hatching themselves, so help from professional humans who know how to do this safely is most welcome. She tells us that the Zebra shark is an endangered species. The little shark pup is so small that it fits in a tupperware! But he'll grow up to be big and strong…and still very cute, of course.

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    Cute Shark Attack

    Water - The cutest shark attack ever.
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    The Leopard Shark

    Photograph - I just found out the cute Leopard Shark is a thing
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    Tiny Shark

    Liquid - I had no idea sharks were this cute
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    Blub Blub Shark

    Vertebrate - Sharks portrayed in media FEAR ME ĮAM THE APEX PREDATOR SEA GOD OF DEATH Sharks in actuality Imma do a AUREH swim blub blub
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    A Smiling Boy!

    Water - look at this cute great white shark
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    Sharks Love Pets!

    Vertebrate - Fun Fact: Sharks and by extension most Large Marine Fish love to be pet? It's scientifically proven to relieve stress and cause euphoria for them, Sharks can also recognize favorite individuals. gfycat.com/blarin. ( Ir/ALL KSG westhampton
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    A Tiny Shark

    Hand - I made the tiniest shark
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    Koi - My husband texted me this photo. I told him I would NEVER eat it hey babe is everything ok you haven't touched your croisshark
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    Possessive Lemon Sharks

    Organism - MINE! chainsxwsmile Lemon sharks may occasionally get possessive of divers giving attention to other sharks, and try to chase off any tiger sharks of whom the lemons might be jealous.


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