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Tumblr Thread: Doggos Who Flunked Out Service Dog Programs

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    Font - zackancodeine Follow my mom has a friend who has a failed program-service dog and he's literally my favorite creature He's a really smart lab, he learned all the commands, but he just has an affinity for doing them whenever he wants So this lady's dog literally turns on-off lights, opens doors, opens the fridge, etc... at his own wishes. Her house looks like its baby-proofed, with kid safe locks on everything and stuff, but really she just has a dog that's learned all the mobility service

    This is not someone who has failed their service dog program. No, no. This is someone who cheated the system, knew exactly what they were doing, and decided to use the humans to learn from them how to open the fridge and play with the human toys. This dog is extra smart, and we appreciate him. 

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    Font - belleslettres-love Follow I would love this-about half of the time; the rest of the time it would drive me crazy! I also happen to have a helper dog drop out. She failed because she's super timid and *cannot* be taught a damn thing without her freaking out and wetting herself. (She's smart, though; everything she knows comes from her watching another dog do it, while she is completely ignored, and seeing the other dog get the treat. Then you can take her home and she'll do it... without l

    Aww, she sounds like one of the sweetest, most wholesome dogs we have ever heard of ever. Hey, just because a dog failed a service dog program doesn't mean that they're not perfect, and it sure as heck does not mean that they are not smart. She's a good girl, please give her a treat from us.

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    Font - anyanka-eg Follow My mum's guide dog Kandy only managed to squeak through qualification as mum still had a little bit of sight at the time. Kandy went pretty much everywhere very quickly, far to quickly for most people who would need a guide dog. She was also 'willful, as the trainers said. She knew so many words, probably more than 250, and even learned to spell. To go to the post box, mum gave the command letters' and then the dog knew where it was going. Kandy used to jump up, ready to
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    Font - Kandy knew mum couldn't see but the rest of us could. She knew she could hide from mum by staying still and not making a noise. She used to take my mum to the laundry detergent in the supermarket as Kandy loved to sniff it until she sneezed. She also used to crawl under the supermarket shelves in search of sweets dropped by kids. She used to dig holes in the garden, usually just where mum needed to be. She kept digging up near the washing line so mum would trip over, and she used to dig b
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    Rectangle - rosefoxlove Follow My German Shepherd is a failed police dog. He did all the training but he was just too nice to actually want to bite/attack on command. He knows German commands and all!
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    Water - imgetting2old4diss Follow This is kinda like my uncles seeing eye dog .he once ate my uncles hearing aid because it was left on the counter where his dog toys are kept.He went for extra training and is a lot better and knowing what not to chew.he is a good working doggo and a loved member of the family.
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    Font - rulesdontstop-me Follow my cousin had a failed program service dog who was really smart too. he could do everything and was so awesome but every time he would be tested he failed because he threw up in the car. meanwhile, with the program testers were the only times he ever did that. he loved car rides actually and never threw up any other time. my cousin thinks he knew what was going on and failed on purpose so he could stay with them. dogs are fucking smart as shit
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    Azure - mango-sabercat Follow My dog flunked out of Service Animal Training because he was too affectionate and couldn't stay focused
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    Rectangle - films-and-good-times Follow This is actually my dog. Failed program-service. Can do 90% of human abilities. Has zero regard for when the right time to do them is.
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    Smile - satyinepu Follow Labs are like that! I have a lab and I am SO glad he hasn't learned those things, because he could, just as easy as he learned basic commands but like...he does them only when he wants...except he'd be in the fridge..all the time..that's really all he ever wants to know is how to get more food
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    Font - girlcalledfearless Follow k but literally my fave thing about service pups in training (and pups in general) is that when they don't understand what you're asking for/when they get too excited to use their brains they just offer you every skill they've ever gotten a treat for. And the moment they realize its not the one you want they throw a different one
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    Rectangle - lorinza Follow My dad got a failed-service-dog, a beautiful golden retriever, who's love of water knew no bounds. She failed her "final" when she took a wheel chair bound person of a curb to go play in the sprinklers.
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    Font - curlygirl84 Follow My family used to raise service dogs (well, part time; the dogs were kept full time at a women's prison so the inmates could train the dogs. We took them on the weekends). We had one dog who was trained to turn on lights. He would follow the command when it was given, but he would also turn them on when he wanted a a treat.

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