People Expose Parenting Trends They Very Much Disagree With

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    Font - Posted by u/qquackie 1 day ago 2 16 e16 3 12 What parenting 'trend' do you strongly disagree with?

    The wording of this question is pretty thought-provoking. They could have asked about parenting 'methods' but instead, they used the word trend, which kind of insinuates that these are not long-lasting ideas. When something is 'trendy' it's usually something without much substance that blew up, and now it's just the cool thing to do. But there's a major emphasis on the word 'now,' because trends change almost every day and who knows? It's been a few hours already since this list was published, some of these could already be out of style. We'll have to pose a new question in a week or so most likely.

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    Rectangle - StoicDonkey · 1 day ago 2 2 S Pretending that not parenting is parenting. 'I wont tell my child to stop kicking your leg repeatedly because i don't want to crush his spirit!"

    This is a seemingly newer method of parenting, which is the opposite of how many of our parents explained being raised. Tough love is not the objective here. Tough is probably a word that never gets used in these kinds of households. Gentle parenting is not one clear method, but there definitely still needs to be some form of 'parenting' involved in raising kids. They can't raise themselves after all. They needed guidance, as well as feedback on when they were doing well, and doing less than well. There must be a way to parent without doing too much, or too little.

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    Font - canadainuk· 22 hr. ago Fake "Gentle Parenting" You hear and see so many parents letting their children do whatever they want, no matter how destructive, rude or hurtful their behaviours are. Parents find themselves beholden to the whims of their childrens' emotions in the name of gentle parenting, instead of true gentle parenting where (so I hear) boundaries are set alongside validating emotions.
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    Font - NorthWeight3580 · 1 day ago 2@ Not setting clear boundaries. You are the adult, not the kid. Children benefit sooo much more from clear rules and consequences.
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    Font - spinefexmouse · 1 day ago 3 2 The "bulldozer" parent - ie the parent who removes all obstacles/challenges from a child's life so they don't learn about perseverance, problem solving, failure (sometimes you can try hard and still not get the reward) and learning from mistakes - unless the goal is to develop a highly anxious person - then, being a bulldozer parent is great.
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    Human body - sweettooth_92 · 1 day ago Abusing the talents of your child just to boost your self image in society
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    Font - jdith123 · 22 hr. ago e 2 O Not believing the teacher ever. "My kid never lies to me". Seriously. Parents absolutely should be their kid's biggest supporter. But support sometimes means holding the kid responsible when they don't do the right thing.
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    Font - coocoorookoo121 · 1 day ago S Not saying no to your child. They have to learn to deal with a no sometimes, and having a chat about why it is no and whether it could be a yes another time is also an important part of them learning to deal with no.
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    Font - Realitycheck-4u · 22 hr. ago The whole "hands off parenting approach" drives me nuts to see parents never tell their kids no and just let them do whatever they want.
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    Font - weston200 · 21 hr. ago I don't know how much of a trend it was but I'm TikTok there was a trend of parents throwing away their kids art in front of them and the parents would like laugh while the kid was sobbing.
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    Font - ansibley · 1 day ago Nonstop supervision. Hovering over them at every turn. Whatever happened to tossing them in a play area in another room and letting them create, explore, and get the occasional bumps?
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    Rectangle - 1 day ago 2 6 2 37 Sakuraaaaaааaаaaаааа Recording everything your kids do and putting that on social media
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    Font - Cat_Astrophe_X · 23 hr. ago 2 Helicopter parenting, kids need freedom to explore the world, get dirty, engage in free play. I am not advocating putting the child outside o a Saturday morning and telling them to come home when the street lights come on, but an age acceptable level of freedom.
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    Font - AsteroidTicker · 22 hr. ago Starting a kid in a single sport from an early age and making that their whole life for some goddamn reason

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