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Wholesome Reddit Thread: Internet Shares How They Say Goodbye To Their Pets

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    Font - When leaving the house, does anyone tell their pets they will be home later?
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    Font - re johntwoods · 1 day ago Every single time. They are pretty old, so over the years they seem to understand the difference in time between 'Store' and 'Work'. Store is reserved for anything under an hour. Work is when we will be gone for over an hour or more. We just say 'We're going to the store, we'll be right back, and they go to these specific spots in the living room.' When we say, 'We're going to work, we'll see you soon.' They sit in other spots.
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    Font - PaperPlaythings · 21 hr. ago · edited 19 hr. ago As I was leaving for a three day road trip with a friend I kissed my cat on the forehead, looked him squarely in the eye and said "I am not abandoning you!" My friend who has three cats said, "You tell him that too?" 1 58 Reply Share Report Save Follow

    We can only imagine the cuteness  in this house, every part of this scenario sounds so stinking cute to us. Right down to the guy having a bestie who does the same exact thing. #relatable, are we right? Finding out that his friend did this exact same thing is the funniest and most ridiculous moment, in the best way possible!

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    Font - SuedeVeil · 22 hr. ago Don't forget to also say "streeeeeetch" everytime they stretch because it's cute and you want them to know you acknowledge the cuteness 2.8k Reply Share Report Save Follow

    Might as well say "streeeetch" you know? It's important to encourage your pets to get enough sleep, drink enough water, and stretch enough. How else would they make it through finals season? We aren't entirely sure actually. Either way, this is a pretty heckin' cute story, it definitely made our days. 

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    Font - Pippadance · 1 day ago My dogs figured out when I was going to work vs going to work somewhere else. Work, they just lay in their spots. But if it's not work, I get the stink eye if they can't go. 442 Reply Share Report Save Follow
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    Font - Lostwords13· 23 hr. ago · edited 19 hr. ago My dad is our dog selenes chosen human. She is happiest when he is home. He works retail so not always the same shifts every day. Still, whenever he goes to the store selene will sit in the window and wait until he comes back. Occasionally she will go by the front door, or fall asleep on the couch under the window of he takes too long. However, as soon a he leaves for work, she watches him drive away and trots away to sleep on the bed or the far
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    Font - schizoidparanoid · 1 day ago Pets are so smart. I don't know if you have dogs or cats, but I have 3 kitty babies and they are such intelligent creatures. Sometimes that intelligence is a curse cuz they're smart enough to get into trouble lol. But my 3 of my cats are trained, kind of like a dog would be, and I trained them with snapping my fingers. They're smart enough to know the difference between when I'm snapping my fingers to call them over to me, or snapping my fingers to tell them t
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    Font - AltNumeroFiddy · 1 day ago Same with mine. If I say I'm going to work, they ball up and get comfy. If I say I'm going to the gym or the store, they usually just sit at the foot of the chaise and stare at the door or watch tv. 18 Reply Share Report Save Follow
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    Font - HydrateTillYouGyrate · 21 hr. ago My dog has gotten so good when I say one minute. I only say that when it's under a 5 minute thing I'm doing and he'll be cool about it all. My girlfriend doesn't understand why he doesn't do the same for her but she'll say one minute then go visit our neighbor for over a hour or two. 3 Reply Share Report Save Follow
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    Font - PiratusInteruptus · 11 hr. ago I talk to my dog all the time. Right now she is asleep in the bed with me. But in a little bit, we'll get up to start the day and the first thing we do is make up the bed. So we have a 'making up the bed' song which involves taking all of her toys out of the bed and making the bed clothes straight and put all the toys back in bed. We have a song for everything. Like 'Let's go make lunch for <lady friend> - and off we go to the kitchen. At bed time we have a
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    Organism - Free-Drop4258 · 1 day ago Of course! Otherwise, how will they know? 4 2.3k Reply Share Report Save Follow
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    Font - howdareyoulive · 1 day ago O4 3 Forehead kisses all around and "please be good" as I shut the door 1 4.2k Reply Share Report Save Follow

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