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Animal Tumblr Posts Of Mischievousness And Shenanigans

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    Hand - Designer Brand Fumi @blacksmoke1033 This cretin has been dropping sticks down our chimney for weeks and today he finally accidentally dropped himself, this is the face of someone who knows they've been HAD teasugarsalt The blue eyes mark this crow as young, not a full adult. You've been pranked by a teen hooligan. Source: twitter.com 224,364 notes ...

    We can only imagine the madness in that house, trying to figure out which vandalist out there was constantly climbing up onto their roof and throwing branches of all things down their chimney. Finding out that it was this little hooligan must have been one of the funniest and most ridiculous moments in these people's lives. 

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    Clothing - glumshoe E sea-chest tumblr Follow glumshoe I just had a very disrespectful interaction with a wolf spider. I saw her out of the corner of my eye, crawling up the bricks of my chimney. She was large enough that in the dim light of my bedroom I thought she was a mouse. When I recognized her, I was startled, but quickly offered her the fly that's been buzzing against my window the last few days. As it crawled near her, she suddenly lifted her front leg and kicked it to the ground. Think

    Might as well, you know. If this terrifying sounding wolf spider decides to climb on your dang window at night, it might as well chip in and get rid of the annoying flies and mosquitos in the house. It's free rent and free food for the spider, come on, it has nothing at all to complain about. Ugh.

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    Liquid - auntiespaz: Poor little guy looks like he's saying "You want me to leave? Okay.." "You sure you want me to go? 'cause I can stay..if you want.."
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    Font - thursdaysshepard i feel that if hozier comes out with another album it wont be available in stores or on itunes, youll have to go into the woods and barter with an emaciated fox before digging the cd up from the earth Source: thursdaysshepard 51,136 notes
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    Computer - iguanamouth birds dont exist thankyoucorndog if this is truee, how is it that i, a bird, am using laptop? checkamte iguanamouth shit Source: iguanamouth 89,164 notes ...
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    Photograph - sewbergamzee Thank god there's only one, any more and I'm sure there'd be a murder. cryoverkiltmilk these are the quality puns I'm on this site for thefingerfuckingfemalefury The person who came up with this truly has something to crow about Source: redditfront 40,450 notes
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    Plant - nyehridan-artpora: lalulutres: worried that squirrels were eating all the birdseed, so we set up a camera i do not think that is a squirrel
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    Photograph - clevermanka So today I learned about the existence of Border Leicester sheep. You're welcome. spykidsislandoflostmemes Rabbit sheep!!! Source: clevermanka #wholesome #rabbit #sheep #pure #kind and good #wholesome-memes-only 115,205 notes
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    Cat - slightmood not to bring attention to a sensitive topic but I want to enjoy a nice bike ride with a little cat sitting in the front basket the-trans-dragon slightmood happy crying thanks Source: slightmood 72,146 notes
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    Dog - fancyeliza-deactivated20200804 Updated Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:23 PM BST UK airport sniffer dogs good at finding sausages, but not drugs Let Him Have The Sausages runwithskizzers Follow i almost scrolled past this, like some kind of idiot 567,330 notes A
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    Font - smallerthanthesockofaman sun: makes the slightest show of light around the horizon every bird, ever: THE GLOWING HATE ORB HAS SHOWN ITS FACE, IT IS TIME TO SCREAM Source: lesbirdan 307,730 notes
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    Font - danielkanhai how many times do you think you've seen the same bird twice. sassy-spoon out of all the things on this website that have fucked me up this is one of the worst Source: danielkanhai 1,083,814 notes

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