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Fluffy Owl Takin' a Bath - It Does a Birdie Good!

  • 1

    Owl be back

    Funny GIF of an owl.
    Owl stares like a terminator but can't hide his satisfaction of the bowl of warm water.
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  • 2

    Dip N' Shake Owl Back

    GIF of a very cute owl taking a bath in a bowl of water
    Owl proceeds to get comfortable in the water
  • 3

    Owl Gets Some Satisfaction

    Owl in a bowl GIF
    Not only does this bird like the water, he wants to enjoy OWL of it.
  • 4

    Owl bath ruffles some feathers.

    Owl taking a bath funny GIF
    Owl keeps on taking that bath
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  • 5

    Owl Vacuum

    Cute GIF of an owl holding his ground from the vacuum cleaner
    Owl survives a vacuuming.
  • 6

    Owl and Vacuum

    GIF of an owl and vacuum
    Owl says to the vacuum cleaner, "You birder stay back!"
  • 7

    When you song comes on in the club as explained by OWL

    GIF of owl shaking his butt on a couch
    Owl illustrates how certain people behave when they are in the club and their favorite song comes on.
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  • 8

    Owl keeping it on the low down.

    Owl GIF
    If he gets to low, he can always climb back up or take the owlevator *** I will just go ahead and let myself out *** If you liked these funny owl GIFs, you might also enjoy some of these animal related Funny Craiglist Pics or you might just want to scroll back up and look more at this funny owl.


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