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Power Of Love: 19 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Were Rescued And Adopted Into Furrever Homes (June 22, 2022)

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    "My dog ??found her in a pot in the middle of the rain"


    Mam, that dog is a hero, please give him all the treats in the world from us for rescuing and bringing this beautiful kitten. How did this poor little girl end up in a pot outside all alone? We're betting evil humanity had something to do with it. Thankfully the good hoomans found her and she's all safe now. 

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    Eye - www
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    "Spent a week driving an hour each way to trap this guy! My husband saw him at a rest stop and we went everyday to trap him."

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    "My sweet Maxine. Husband rescued her from an Office Max. Couldn’t imagine life without her."


    This is exactly what we're talking about! Adopting, loving, and nurturing a rescued kitten is so much more rewarding because you get to show them what real love looks like, what good humans are like, and just become their entire world. We love to see it! 

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    "2 Years ago, My neighbor's cat had kittens and offered me my pick. When I saw this tiny little grey ball of fluff, I knew he had to come home with me. Best decision I ever made. His name is Russell"

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    "Meet Thor, he was the only survivor after a dog killed his mom and other kittens. He had a nasty wound on his leg where something had stung him, thankfully it healed. And he’s been the sweetest cat since day one of us adopting him."

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    "Lychee on the first day I adopted her vs now! It’s been 7 months! She is still a lap sitter! Her coat has come in so nicely!"

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    "since y’all asked for updates, here’s gigi in march vs june. i picked her up on the middle of the sidewalk, abandoned by her mum and about to die or calicivirus & herpesvirus. she regularly gets dewormed & her vaccines are complete now."

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    Hand - ice y kg)
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    "give him a name"


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