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Boxer Doggo Patiently Waits For Hooman's Guests To Leave So He Can Be Tucked Into Bed

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    In one way or another, all of us can relate to this little fella. Whether it was when you were little over at a guest's house whispering to your mom 'mom, when can we go home?'. Or even now as adults, we constantly find ourselves in situations where we're just ready to dip out and go to bed. Ops

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    Font - stephscraftspace the most accurate boxer description of bed time ever of
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    Smile - user7645610156551 haha mine likes to be carried from sofa to her bed at bed time
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    Font - Kristen Jones omg I just had to put my boxer to bed into the office sulking she came
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    Font - Tabbi Literally my boxer even when I have no company

    Alright, so this quickly became a lil attack on our Boxer babies. Welp, you know what they say; if the shoe fits, wear it. We have to be honest, we were not so aware that Boxers love to be tucked into bed… how fabulous! We love big scary doggos acting like the most fragile of flowers. As they should.

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    Font - Heather Blake / Clemons my pit Mastiff is the same way and he will bring his blanket to u
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    Font - user8504655173725 "Do you not see I am ready"
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    Font - Vito Creator Tell them to leave and tuck me in!!
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    Human body - Rachael Our boxer would stand in front of the TV and stare at us because he wanted to sleep on the couch.
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    Dress - Vito Creator the eye contact always works@ae
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    Human body - jelymu 100 my social butterfly boxer who does not care if it's rude or not, this is her move at 9:15 sharp!
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    Font - kell8675 Party is over!!!
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    Smile - Vito Creator BYE

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