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'Spicy' Cat Gets A Funky Haircut To Remove Matting, Immediately Finds Relief And Starts Opening Up

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    Two-year-old Jacinda arrived at the Winchester SPCA as an owner surrender in July after her cat parents decided they could not take care of her anymore. Her intake exam showed that Jacinda had a clean bill of health, and although she was alert and responsive with others, she was a bit quiet.

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    Since becoming a resident of the SPCA, however, caretaker Deborah Brennan said Jacinda has shown her and the other caretakers her "spicey" personality and has been placed on what they call the "Spice Rack." Cats on the rack need "a little more handling and a little more socialization" to integrate them into their surroundings, from normalizing to other cats to allowing other humans to give them the attention they need.

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    The origin of Jacinda's spiciness could be because of the severe matting she had in her tortoiseshell-colored fur when she arrived. The state of her coat prompted the SPCA to give Jacinda a "lion cut" to provide her with some relief. Giving a lion cut is safer than attempting to cut out the knots with scissors, which can pull at the cat's skin.

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    Although Jacinda looks like part of a female pride, she seems unfazed by her new hairdo. Deborah explained cats "usually don't pay too much attention to [the cut]. They still do their normal licking and grooming." Nevertheless, Jacinda and others who get the trim receive more bedding to compensate for cushion and warmth and maintain their comfort level.

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    SPCA volunteers are making headway in softening Jacinda's heart as she can get individualized attention to ensure she is socialized enough with other humans in her journey toward finding a forever home. Jacinda is presumed to thrive in a home where she is the only cat and will "benefit from a quieter home," Deborah added.


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