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Cat Steals Pita Bread And Bolts, Plus Other Cats Who Are Hilariously Obsessed With Bread (Twitter Thread)

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    Font - This user has entered w... @duckbldg he took my pita and ran 4:22 AM Jan 20, 2023 1.5M Views 7,717 Retweets 218 Quote Tweets 54.8K Likes

    Such a short sentence, yet, it holds such a wide range of emotions. As cat owners, we feel them all. We relate. The lack of explicit complaining, the lack of punctuation or emojis or any other form of emotional reactions speaks of a level of acceptance that only cat owners understand. The shenanigans are a common occurrence, and this person has accepted them.  

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    Bu far though, the thing that we like the most about this tweet is, of course, the pictures. There is such ferocity in this cat's face right there. The cat knows that it's not supposed to do this, but this is its one food - That Food - that will make it go crazy. Clearly, he'll do anything to get it, and we are mostly just impressed by his tenacity. 

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    Brown - numas
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    Font - This user has entered worm mode @duckbldg the boy loves bread. he is truly my son 4:30 AM - Jan 20, 2023 26.9K Views
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    Cat - Jeeyon Shim 심지연 @jeeyonshim Replying to @duckbldg and @BBolander Ah yes, Onion is fond of both bread and this maneuver as well
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    Cat - Bo Bolander @BBolander Replying to @duckbldg and @IHateNYT ah yes, the way of the bread thief, we know it well 000
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    Cat - Melissa @SuchFun_AreWe Replying to @duckbldg When Tiny was a kitten she stole a whole ass breadstick; waddle-ran off with it dragging under her belly, between her front paws. Hid under the clawfoot tub where we couldn't reach her. Hobgoblin child.
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    Gesture - Trixie @TrixieBlur Bread. Box. And a blurry cat
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    Recipe - rachel @chickpeasy baking assistant stepped in my dough ...
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    Table - rachel @chickpeasy cats love my bread L. ... nce® Carth balance pag Charen Cone :
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    Food - Diane Raindrop VTuber @DianeRaindrop So my cat really loves bread 18 CR SAVORY BUTTER HAWAHAN KINGS HALO HAWAR S ere more 3215 SELL BY
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    Font - Dominique First Question Co-Host @ProgressiveDom ... I love that my 15-year-old cat still has the energy and catitude to eat an entire loaf of bread somehow, while I'm sleeping. That's great. She's still a humungous pain in my ass, which makes me happy, bc yay! She's healthy enough to still be a shit!
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    Cat - Trace, hater of Team Fortress 2 @tf2hatepage Replying to @duckbldg and @snartful My cat did this with a piece of porkchop f


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