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Cats Spooking The Heck Out Of Their Owners By Hiding In The Most Expected Places (Viral Thread)

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    Product - r/Animals BeingDerps u/StrayNoMoreLA. 4d.i.redd.it Join Does anyone else also always have to check the dishwasher for their cat before running it?

    Check the dishwasher, check the washing machine, check the closet door, check the blankets, check those extra large drawers you have in the kitchen - check everything. Even if you think it's safe, you kitty will find a way to crawl into it and give you a heart attack. These sneaky, sneaky a-holes. Smh. 

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    Handwriting - luckykrys 4d One time I went to push the bottom rack in and it wouldn't go in all the way. So I looked for a dish or something blocking and found my cat just looking at me with big, wild eyes. Had to pull stuff out to get her to come out. : Reply 3.1k

    It really does feel sometimes as if they're trying their hardest to spook us lol. We'd get it if they were taking a nap in those hiding places or something, but no, they just sit there, perfectly still, perfectly awake, with their eyes wide open, challenging us to dare to move them from their chosen spot.

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    Rectangle - AimDev 4d One time my cat Dumpster was in the dryer when it started and the poor baby screamed so loud both me and my mom came running. She lived happily many more years but never went to the washing machine area again. RIP Dumpster
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    Rectangle - NoMoassNeverWas 4d This is also the problem with cats. They're tolerant of being squished and even enjoy it. I can't tell you how often I crawl into bed, feel a bump and it's my cat sprawled out under the covers living the dream. He's not allowed to be on the bed btw!!!
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    Rectangle - Budget_Ordinary1043 4d This happened in my dresser the other day. I literally turned around to grab clothes and he squoze behind the drawer. I didn't realize and luckily my dresser is from bobs and cheap af so I'm gentle with it. But it wouldn't close so I am thinking my clothes are stuck so I open it back up and he just sticks his dumb little head out and slinks out looking all mad that I tried to squash him. So dramatic
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    Water - J_B_La_Mighty 4d I once forgot my washer open, went to do some laundry and I just saw MOVEMENT and, it being late, scared the living hell out of me. Its a small washer, so my floof void could curl up perfectly in the drum and pretend to be a very black sweater.
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    Font - avlisadj 4d I always make sure to have visual confirmation that my cat is not in the dishwasher/washing machine/dryer before starting. She knows how to open all 3.
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    Rectangle - cherrycokelemon 4d Ex Mother in law had a ferret in her fridge eating lettuce and Grapes. Her ferret Ferd Farkle. Fortunately, the fridge was old, and the seals were no good.
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    Rectangle - BrookeBaranoff 4d Omg lol. Mine was always curious so I made sure to sprinkle a few drops of water on when I rinse the dishes. I do the same when I refill the water pitcher so she minds where/how she's trying to trip me. (She keeps running to the door of both the fridge and the dishwasher so I started to go "smoosh! Smoosh! Smoosh!" When I open it and then gently smoosh her if she decides to stay.)
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    Font - Chef Brah 4d My cat tried but hes too fat to fit in S
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    Font - GuyIncognito38 4d I have two questions: how and why? The answer to both: cat
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    Handwriting - PainfullyLoyal 4d Yes. My cat was forever sneaking in while we were loading the dishes. He doesn't know that cats are not dishwasher safe.


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