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10 of Our Favorite Sitcom Couples

  • 1

    Cliff and Claire - The Cosby Show

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    The two who had a love for their children as strong as the love for each other.
  • 2

    Jim and Pam - The Office

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    The two with the mystery work relationship.
  • 3

    Marge and Homer - The Simpsons

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    The two with quite the animated life.
  • 4

    Jill and Tim - Home Improvement

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    The two with a love that was constantly being tinkered with.
  • 5

    Steve and Laura - Family Matters

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    The two with the everlasting (one-sided) love...
  • 6

    Lucy and Ricky - I Love Lucy

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    Oh Ricky! The two that had a love that was right there in black and white!
  • 7

    Jesse and Becky - Full House

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    The two that could never seem to move out...
  • 8

    Cory and Topanga - Boy Meets World

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    The two with the "coming of age" love that lasted through the years.
  • 9

    Ross and Rachel - Friends

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    The two that could never seem seal the deal!!!
  • 10

    Al and Peg - Married with Children

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    The two with the love/hate relationship...mostly hate.


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