The Best Dungeons & Dragons Memes of the Week (May 12, 2023)

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    Font - How my players think I prepare for sessions How I actually prepare for sessions GAI Rat Gun 12120 It's a gun that shoots rats Magical Items

    A magician never reveals their secrets. 

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    Cartoon - Me: "I hate having nightmares every night; It's messing with my mental health." Brain: "But what if I gave you more dnd character ideas and developed stories for them." You son of a bitch, I'm In

    It's an addiction. 

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    Cartoon - Our wizard looking through his spellbook like he isn't just going to cast Fireball again. * EBELL CASOE FIEL

    So predictable. 

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    Cartoon - Your character on his fifth nat 1 ΑΜΙ DISABLED?

    I'm in this picture and I don't like it.

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    Font - spontaneousmusicalnumber Maybe a stupid idea, but maybe it already exists You start a game of DnD with a blank character sheet. Your DM has them all. You only discover stats and things as they become relevant. Like, "I rolled 7 on my constitution check" "You get a +2 bonus so that's a 9." *Hurriedly marking it down* Or "I would like to ask the innkeeper if there is anything weird going on in the area" "Dragonborn are rare in these parts, so she is suspicious at your approach." "Wait I'm a

    *Furiously taking notes*

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    Sleeve - When you get a cool talking sword When you actually listen to what it's saying FOT

    "Disclaimer: Any views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the Sword are solely that of the Sword and do not reflect the views, opinions, policies, or position of its owner."

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    Forehead - When the Bard asks What the NPC is wearing [softly] Don't.


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    Cartoon - The d&d lore my players find The d&d lore I create

    They'll only ever scratch the surface.

  • 9
    Rectangle - #DnD is a roleplaying game that let's you live out such fantasies as: Having money - Making close friends as an adult - Traveling the world without crippling debt - Being able to change the world - Getting better at something with practice - Getting 8 hours of sleep each night -

    Whose vast imagination came up with such outlandish ideas? 

  • 10
    Outerwear - GM GM made with mematic Players ship is attacked and are forced to use escape pods Player solves it by hand and sends it back after an hour and a half GM GM Spend several hours writing a scrambled message from the ship's captain for then to get between sessions Player solves it by hand and sends it back after an hour and a half

    Wait a damn minute. 

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    Forehead - Making a bard that seduces everything that moves Making a bard that became a father and started doing dad jokes as his bardic performance

    Bards: are you taking notes?

  • 12
    Organism - DnDeej @DnDeej I once played dnd with someone who owned just ONE set of SOLID COLOR dice. No extra d20 with fun colors, no added %die with some flair, nothing! He just showed up with his ominously-blue his one set, and played... Like a psychopath. dice, sat down with


  • 13
    Glasses - The Fighter: I am a Battle Master. I specialize in analyzing my opponent's weaknesses. The Wizard: I am an Evoker. I specialize in unleashing powerful magical spells. The Rogue: Florida teen arrested for impersonating doctor f SHARE TWEET III EMAIL SunSentinel Teen who faked being a doctor heads to prison for 3 years 25 EXCLUSIVE By MARC FREEMAN SUN SENTINEL DOCTORS VOICE SKEPTICAL SCALPEL Florida teen impersonates a doctor...again SUBSCRIBE Florida teen charge

    Stealth 100. 

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  • 14

    The best kind of DM.

  • 15
    Hair - FIRST CAMPAIGN PCs FIFTH CAMPAIGN PCs ...And is that guy covered in bees? Whoa. A dinosaur! I am bees! This guy is made of bees!

    And this is why D&D is the best RPG.

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    Forehead - Me: *Introducing my new character to the party* The party: This phenomenon only occurs once every 257 seconds
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    Chin - TRAIL ME PRETZE THE PARTY SUFFERING THE CONSEQUENSES THAT OF THEIR ACTIONS *DM* Look at that thing. Simp 6.49 Nature is beautiful

    And they won't learn a thing.

  • 18
    Dice - EL || 19 You and 58 others like this. 91 shares 6 YOU REACH OUT TO PUSH THE ORC OFF THE BRIDGE, BUT INSTEAD LIGHTLY CARESS HIS BACK. HE IS UNCOMFORTABLE." Unlike Comment Share The Orc reflexively goes to crush your larynx in response (die rolls), but instead intwines his fingers in your hair. You fear that another 1 could mean an awkward letter home in the morning. Years and several critical failures later, Borgog, Scourge of the Thundercaves, thinks back on how he met his hus
  • 19
    Font - deaderrose Consider: a warlock whose patron is patreon. A crowdfunded warlock. Every magic being whos interested in bankrolling the shitshow can add a little to the pile. They've got a little milestone list and reward tiers and everything. For just one invocation a month this warlock will literally murder one person of your choosing on every full moon. That's a bargain! Gods, fiends, fey, and beings from beyond all welcome to donate today!

    Too realistic. 

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    Head - breakyourheroes @breakyourheroes Bard, panicking during combat: shit, I don't know what to do! Wizard: do something, anything! Bard: [screams]


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