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8 Dogs With Hilarious Irrational Phobias

  • 1

    “What’s that weird green and yellow thing?”

    Pitbull Stella can't get over her fear of pineapples. I Guess she wouldn't be going to Thailand any time soon

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  • 2

    “Can’t stand that pretty women”

    This handsome pooch is afraid Julia Roberts

  • 3

    “Hey, who said that?

    Cute puppy with a Fear of his own hiccups

  • 4

    “Omelette? Never!”

    This bouncy Basenji will never touch that egg

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  • 5

    “Don’t get any closer”

    Boxer Leo is having hard time understanding how the leaf moves on it's own and therefore, keeps distance from him.

  • 6

    “You shall not groom me!”

    Hair brushes is something he just can't stand

  • 7

    “How is it moving?”

    Yes, he is afraid of feathers

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  • 8

    “Who’s that”?

    This cute Corgi puppy isn't too sure about that new guy reflecting in the mirror


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