Weekly Internet Roundup: Mexican Aliens, Love Surges, and Thoughts of Ancient Rome


Hello. Once again, it's time to look at a summary of a few captivating and enraging viral moments from the past few days. It has to be said, the internet has been mighty busy recently. Let's begin.

It's a New Alien Drop

Did you really think we had got the urge to meme about extraterrestrials out of our system in July? If you did, you were wrong. Wednesday's congressional hearing in Mexico supposedly revealed to the world a pair of alien corpses, with a UFO researcher personally testifying that these ossified little guys did not come from our home planet. Whether the evidence stacks up is a matter of opinion, but it can't be denied that the memes prompted by the photos have been both plentiful and amusing. This is bound to make outer space eager to contact us. 

Snitches Get TikTok Stitches

Almost everyone talks behind one another's back, and some are a lot nastier with this than others. This has always been the way, but the yearning to post about and shame these gossips is a relatively new phenomenon. 

It's also something that is becoming increasingly controversial, if one recent video is anything to go by. When content creator @kelsey_kotzur shared how she had overheard strangers trash talking their friend's wedding, TikTokers were broadly sympathetic to the anonymous bride. Once the debrief reached Twitter, though, people had a few more questions about why she had felt the need to tell this story to the internet. It's not like these women were going to get named and shamed.

Legionaries Rock

There has been one question, and one question alone on the lips of every overly online woman this week: how often do dudes think about the Roman Empire? After a viral video prompted all female viewers to query the men in their life about this historical topic, many were astonished to find that it is apparently something that frequently passes through their mind. 

You could accuse people of making it up for the views, but there seem to be so many examples of it that it would be pretty difficult to justify it. The classic “I Bet He's Thinking About Other Women” meme takes on a new dimension with this information.

We Should All Know Less About Each Other 

If there's one thing I wish social media users would learn already, it's to stop sharing their most intimate relationship moments. Firstly, online PDA quickly tips into unbearable territory, and secondly, there are a lot of miserable and lonely people out there who jump at the chance to be a hater about it. 

This is something that one TikToker recently found out to her detriment. She and her husband created a difficult watch with a video demonstrating the “love surge” that they practiced together (it's a lot more SFW than it sounds). 

Viewers were not impressed, and a few humorous comments about the cringe snowballed into a whole lot of genuine meanness. Couple content on TikTok almost never ends well. 

That's about it for this week. Whatever you might think about all these happenings, at least you can claim to have learned something today. The endless discourse cycle definitely keeps those brain cells active, in a twisted kind of way. Until next time!




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