22 Young Couples Describe Why They Were Forced to Break Up

  • 1
    Text - My parents are making me break up with my gir Friend They think Im Coo young to know if Irealy ike grls orif t's just a phase She's also older than me I feel so broken. I love her
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  • 2
    Text - My parents Cold me leither break up with my boyfriend or convert him to our religion. But, he's way more spiritual than am.He doesnt want an organized religion wowsphs wnIGMENT JAMES CHAPTER RO S AND St hearers Laith
  • 3
    Text - Myparents are soractst Theyre Forcing me to breakup with my gir rtend because shes not Asian NaUND
  • 4
    Text - My parents hated my ex-boyfriend when we were dating, They Porced me to break things off because of his Schizophrenia. lt wasnt his Fault.
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  • 5
    Skin - lused to be dating a white boy His parents made him break up withme because Im Latina.
  • 6
    Cartoon - lfeel terrible.Myparents made me break up withmg boyfriend since he's two-and a half yearsyounger than me
  • 7
    Face - Myparents found out Iwas doing it with my boyfriend, so they Forced us to break up Now,Ihave to take pregnancy Best
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  • 8
    Text - It's been over a month since my parents hadme break up with my boyfriend They said d never be happy with someone of my own gender.Imiss him so much
  • 9
    Text - My boyfriend's parents made us break up because Im black
  • 10
    Text - My boyfriends dad doesnt like gays, so he made us break up, My boyfrtend was going to do it throughtext, but his dad made him doit in person.
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  • 11
    Text - Mine and my boyfriends parents made us break up because we were sending dirty pies.Idont even know what to do anymore.
  • 12
    Text - I dated this girl 5 years ago our parents made us break up, I still like her and today I'm taking her some tacos
  • 13
    Text - My girlfriend was forced to break up with me by her parents. They said that was the last time Id ever hear from her. Iam so hearthroken want to die.Havent stopped crying since
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  • 14
    Text - Iwas forced to break up with my boyfriend bymy parents. They were gonna kick me out if T didnt.. Imso lonely now
  • 15
    Text - I was pretty much forced to break up with my girlfriend because my parents are homophobic
  • 16
    Text - My parents are trying to force me to break up with the love of my life because Ive had an arranged marriage sincelwas born that ljust found out about Idant want to lose himor upset my parents
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  • 17
    Text - Iwas Forced, by my parents to breakup with my signficant other of twoyears right after we got engaged
  • 18
    Text - lambiandmy bishop heard aboutit and talked to my parentslwas forced to break up with my girlfriend and cut off all of my friends.
  • 19
    Text - My parents made me break up with my bf because we were long distance
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  • 20
    Text - Igave my girlfiiend some hickeys and her parents saw them and they made us break up and now we can't talk to each other until January


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