Terrified Feral Cat Turns Into Chonkiest Couch Potato (Video)

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Via The Dodo
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As cat people, there is nothing more in the world that we want than to help every single sad stray cat that we see on the street. It's difficult with feral cats though- it takes a long time for feral cats to learn to trust their humans. You need to be patient, to not cross their boundaries, to get them to trust you little by little. Oh- and don't forget the food. Much food. The way to a feral cat's heart is through their stomach after all. 

Dwight, of course, is no different. It took him a long time to allow this food-providing human to even look at him without running off. But slowly but surely, he became more trusting, and now, lo and behold, Dwight is the chonkiest, most adorable couch potato in the world. 

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