20 Fun Facts About the Movie 'Logan' to Slay Your Boredom

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    Photo caption - @poppingremlins Hugh Jackman induced dehydration for 48 hours prior to filming scenes of Wolverine shirtless, losing water weight. He added that the method is dangerous, and no one should attempt it at home.
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    Font - @poppingremlins When Laura and Charles are watching Shane (1954), Charles mentions remembering seeing the film as a child in his hometown. This was entirely improvised by Sir Patrick Stewart, because Shane was one of the first memories he had at the theater as a child.
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    Text - According to one of the files attained from the lab, one of the children wassthe specimen derived from Christopher Bradley" a former cohort of Logan's from X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) under the alias "Bolt", which explains the child's ability to summon and manipulate 1067 W. SCHNIEDER ACEY 05-14-2022 4 X23 93 TANT SUBJECT AGE electricity. MA @poppingremlins AB BLOOD TYa 82-102TS MIEL OTIONAL IQ SOURCE DNA CHR HER BRA IGS 09 HOST: EVALUATION: 09-12 TOHNSON, R. EGLIN E.
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    Fictional character - @poppingremlins Hugh Jackman stated in an interview that the only way he would reprise his role is if a crossover between Deadpool and Wolverine would happen
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    Map - The coordinates to Eden (48.9770333, -102.155491) really do lead to a spot in North Dakota. According to the film, Eden is roughly 6 miles east of Northgate, ND and 7 miles south of the Canadian border in the Des Lacs National Wildlife Reserve Nortigate Canada United States Canada United States United States United States 66th Ave NW 66th Ave NW Northgate 2 EDEN Coordinates from Logan (2017) 66th Ave NW 2017 Geogle Maps
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    Electronics - @poppingremlins L PASO, TEAS CHAUFFEUR PERMIT CHRYS HOULETT, JAMES Oce37932 12/08/29 The name Logan used as a birth name in the comics. It was also referenced in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), when Sabertooth kept calling driver, "James Howlett", is his him Jimmy.
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    Photo caption - @poppingremins Sabretooth was originally going to have a small role, where he helps Wolverine, X-23, and Professor X when they arrive in Oklahoma. There was also going to be a scene where Logan encounters a kind of "Underground Railroad" for mutants, which might have had a cameo from a well known character. Both scenes were removed, because the team behind the film didn't want to have an abundance of cameos, or mutants in the film.
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    Hair - @poppingremlins Liherly MOTOR MOTE In the scene where Charles tells Logan that they will come for him at the Statue of Liberty, Logan mistakes it for the end battle in X-Men (2000), but the hotel where Logan meets Laura for the first time is called the Liberty.
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    Text - @poppingremlins The Samurai sword presented to Logan in The Wolverine (2013) can be seen in the smelting mill where Logan and Charles are hiding.
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    Eyewear - @poppingremlins VALET ONLY Dafne Keen (Laura) was 11 years old at the time of filming, and so was not allowed inside the Casino, evenwith all the correct shooting permits, So some shots were done with Keen on a green screen, and some scenes were shot in the actual casino with Keen's body double Cheramie Martin, who is over 18, but of a similar build to Keen.
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    Text - Director James Mangold commitments of Laura's stunt double Rissa Kilar, decided to get her a role in the movie. Later she was cast as the role was so impressed by the of mutant Pine Cone Girl'. @pappingremlins
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    Vehicle - VFX Supervisor Chas Jarrett who had not worked with director James Mangold before, said he suddenly understand the director during the pre- production discussion of the Desert escape'. At one stage Logan had to drive through the fence just being knocked down James Mangold just stopped him saying. No no they can't get through, everyone will expect that it would be a A-team moment' referring to the 80s unreal TV show The A-Team (1983). "Everyone thinks that they will just knock through.i
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    Poster - @poppingremlins This is the last film in which Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine. He has cited his age and his skin cancer as factors in him retiring from the role. He also said that having a discussion with Jerry Seinfeld played a partin retiring the character, as Jerry taiked generally about how he wanted to make sure he never got to a point with his television show where audiences were weary of seeinglit anymore, saying, "oh, it's you again." Jackman felt fortunate to have avoided thi
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    Photo caption - @poppingremlins In the scenes where Charles Xavier suffers from his seizures, Hugh Jackman did not act as if he was being pushed away. Instead, he was held back by a rope pulled by two men in order to give a more realistic portrayal of being restrained.
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    Text - @poppingremlins Professor Xavier's Psionic blast was done by shooting shaky footage and then re-stabilizing the frame in post, Resulting a footage containing strange motion blur with smearing effect that is both organic and very unusual. The team shot the sequences slightly wider than was needed so that shots could be blown up to hide the edges of the stabilizing effect.
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    Text - @poppingremlins Sir Patrick Stewart lost 21 pounds to play Charles Xavier as elderly and sick, Stewart claimed that he had a steady weight since he wasa teenager and had never deliberately lost weight before. Hugh Jackman genuinely held Stewart in all the scenes of Wolverine carrying professor Xavier
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    Running - The shot where Logan is running through the forest trees to kill attacking bad guys or "reavers" at the end of the film was nicknamed 'Logan's Run' by the VFX production team. What seems like one long shot of Logan running and impaling a bad guy on a tree is actually four separate takes of different stunt guys running, combined with head and neck replacements, digital claws, background fix up and CG gore. @poppingremihs
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    Human - Throughout all his portrayals of Logan, Hugh Jackman stated he learned his American accent from copying Johnny@poppingremlins Depp.
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    Facial expression - @poppingremlins Sir Patrick Stewart recently stated on The Graham Norton Show (2017) that this would be his last appearance as Professor X.
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    Text - @poppingremlins James Mangold stated that the film is set-in 2029 to avoid any conflict with the time line established in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), but that his goal was to make a stand alone film, that was LOGANnot bound to continuing previous storylines, or setting up sequels. MARCH 3


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