Delinquent Cat Keeps Stealing Things From Neighbors (Video)

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Via The Dodo
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"She has brought me fireworks, darts, a box of cigarettes, pieces of wood, a cat toy that she stole from some other cat!" And queue the laughing. 

There's nothing in the world that we love more than cat shenanigans. They can be such delinquents sometimes, jerks of the highest order. Cats drop things, cats steal things, cats bully other animals. It's hilarious. But even when cats love, they can do it  in quite ridiculous ways. And this cat has had us laughing for the past five minutes straight because, in order to show love to its favorite human, its been committing theft. 

Once, it even brought its human a pair of socks. No no, one sock or one trip, then the matching sock on another trip. And more laughing. This is the best cat in the world, please laugh at its shenanigans with us. 

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