Affectionate Raven Responding With Unexpectedly Low And Human Voice (Video)

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Never have we imagined that ravens can be such affectionate and adorable animals. They get such a bad rep - so scary, don't go near them. Loki though, Loki is the most adorable raven we've ever seen in our lives. He's comes when he's called, he preforms tricks, he responds when talked to, and he has the deepest voice we've ever heard - the last thing we expected was for him to sound like that. 

Birds are honestly so underrated - they can be so playful and wholesome. This is not the first time that birds have taken over the hearts of the people on the internet, they've done it many times. For example, when birds speaking in different accents went viral on twitter. We love birds, and now, we love ravens too. 

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