Game of Thrones

Can You Remember Who Survived Through Season 3?

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    The Lannisters have been sitting pretty on the Iron Throne

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    After the death of Robert Baratheon, Joffrey inherits the throne and...well, is a total ass to everyone. The rest of his family spends most of their time trying to clean up his messes and fight his battles. His real father and uncle Jaime spent all of last season tromping around the countryside with Brienne, and lost his hand after he ran his mouth too much. That's as close as they've gotten to death so far, but hey, this is Game of Thrones, they can't stay lucky for long.
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    Daenerys spent season three freeing slaves and building an army

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    No deaths here, except those who crossed her. Does that mean she's winning the game? Probably. I'd want her as my queen.
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    House Greyjoy remains largely intact

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    After betraying the Starks and being betrayed by his own men, Theon spends season three getting tortured by Roose Bolton's bastard son, Ramsay. Theon is now missing his favorite appendage, but hey, he's still alive. That's more than we can say for a lot of the Starks. Theon's sister Yara is on her way to rescue him after receiving his, ahem, hot dog in a box.
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    The Starks have had it perhaps the hardest

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    They lost Ned in season one and Catelyn and Robb at the "Red Wedding" of Edmure Tully (Catelyn's brother) and Roslin Frey. Robb was supposed to marry Roslin, which would have avoided this whole mess, but he followed his heart and married Talisa and ruined it for everyone. Feeling betrayed by the Starks and seeing an opportunity to garner favor with the Lannisters, Roslin's father, Walder Frey, and his buddy Roose Bolton broke all of our hearts and murdered the Starks.

    Sansa survived getting dumped by Joffrey and is being shopped around King's Landing, while Arya is captive of The Hound. Bran is making his way beyond the Wall and learning to control his Warg powers with Jojen (the kid from Love Actually) and Meera, and Rickon (yeah, that's his name) is with Tonks Osha, heading to the safety of a loyal Stark bannerman.
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    The game of thrones has not been kind to the Baratheons either

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    Both Renly and Robert are dead, and Stannis is off making hideous shadow babies with that red witch Melisandre. It was at the hands of Stannis' Shadow that Renly met his end. Now that Renly's out of the way, Melisandre has "recruited" Robert's bastard, Gendry, to use his blood to make more Shadows, as royal blood is required to make the hideous things.

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