19 Entertaining Customer Complaints and Responses That'll Brighten Your Day

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    Text - Adam Greenwood @AdamYT 2 Dec 14 I've just had a reasonably large po0 and there is no toilet roll left on the @virgintrains 19.30 train from Euston to Glasgow pls send help Virgin Trains @Virgin Trains 2 Dec 14 @AdamPlaysYT Which coach, Adam? ^MW Adam Greenwood @AdamYT 2 Dec 14 @VirginTrains J thank you Virgin Trains @Virgin Trains Follow train @AdamPlaysYT We'll send someone down to you ^MW 11:15 PM - 2 Dec 2014 269 123
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    Text - Immy 'BADMAN' Bugti @BadManBugti 8 Mar 14 STRNGHT OI TA @Argos_Online YO wen u gettin da ps4 tings in moss side? Ain't waitin no more. Plus da asian guy whu works dere got bare attitude #wasteman Argos Argos Helpers @ArgosHelpers Follow HELPUS @BadManBugti Safe badman, we gettin sum more PS4 tings in wivin da next week y'get me. Soz bout da attitude, probz avin a bad day yo. LD 10:26 AM - 8 Mar 2014 t9,115 5,732
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    Tesco cucumber
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    Motor vehicle - Windsor Star WINDSOR 6 hrs STAR Deadpool film is sick-minded, perverted, says letter writer Nina Williams Very insightful Nina! It's almost as if you knew nothing about the movie you were going to see or the character that holds the movie's namesake. I bet you saw Spiderman and hated the fact that he was a man with spider- like powers. I can't wait to read the next article where you complain about how Batman v Superman is for unintelligent people because of how
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    Text - David Willis Follow @DWill Hi @Waterstones I've been locked inside of your Trafalgar Square bookstore for 2 hours now. Please let me out Waterstones W @Waterstones Follow We're pleased to announce that @DWill_is a free man once more. Thanks for your concern and tweets! 2:15 AM - 17 Oct 2014 t1,874 1,713
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    Text - Single Dad @Lonely_Dad 29 Jan 15 @XboxSupport i need help Xbox Support @XboxSupport 29 Jan 15 @Lonely_Dad Sure thing! What's going on tonight that we can help with AJN Single Dad @Lonely_Dad Follow why did my wife leave me @XboxSupport 6:43 AM - 29 Jan 2015 4,295 4,127
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    Text - James Rhodes 14 Dec 12 @JRhodesPianist Hey @o2 - please get your SMS working! I sent this girl 246 texts last night asking her out and none of her replies have come through yet... 02 in the UK Follow 2 @O2 @JRhodesPianist Hi James, that's a lot of texts! Maybe next time you should try sending 1 text to 246 different girls... 11:17 AM 14 Dec 2012 261 124
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    Text - "Over-priced and very rude staff O0000 Reviewed 7 December 2015 This place is absolutely awful. I went out for afternoon tea with some friends and I was on a tight budget. I ordered hot water and a slice of lemon which, firstly, did not arrive on time with all my friends cake and drinks. I was then charged £2 for the hot water and a thin slice of lemon. When I asked why I was being charged so much for some Hannah C North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Level 3 Contributor A 1 review water the w
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    Text - Deen Legor I have a comPlaiht to mae abour your Lort Oe The Rihgs sets. I real -izes it apter my trother, Cavin, built the Shelob Attacks Set. Ma copa -ht is this: the hot miniiures are wear ing Shoes! Lfyou have seen the movies, ou Khow tnar hobbits o not wear shces, If au couy take this to hCar, 13 be vers harrg, Thank oU Fhom Gwen Samwisc Gamgee Frodo b
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    Text - Amtrak California @Amtrak CA "Do not follow where the path may 1d Amtrak California lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson retweeted + Brand One @porkbelt . @Amtrak_CA With all due respect, this is terrible advice for trains 10/8/13 2:32 PM
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    Text - 1 Sep 14 @SadderDre Yoooo I ordered a Pizza & Came with no Toppings on it or anything, Its Just Bread @dominos Domino's Pizza 1 Sep 14 @dominos @SadderDre We're sorry to hear about this! Please let our friends at @dominos_uk know of this so they can help. "EV Follow @SadderDre Never mind, I opened the pizza upside down :/@dominos @Dominos_UK 3:09 PM-1 Sep 2014 13,441 9,308
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    Text - Justin Whang @HotPikachuSex 7 Dec 11 What I wouldn't give for @sega to make a new Jet Grind game SEGA Follow SEGA @SEGA @HotPikachuSex What I wouldn't give to have not read your user name. 3:01 AM 7 Dec 2011 t5,868 5,287
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    Text - a Live Chat with Chrome e7bd2 End Chat x) Sound Chat You are now connected to Amazon from Tracking shows delivered but shipment not recieved Me: my name is Thor. Amazon: Warmest greetings Greeting, Thor. Can I be Odin ? Me: Amazon: Odin, Father, How art thy doing on this here fine day? Me: Thor, my son. Agony raises upon my life Amazon: This is outrageou
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    Text - Chilly P @IHaveABirthmark 17 Jun 14 @RoyalMail i'd like to make a complaint my valentines cards still haven't arrived Royal Mail @RoyalMail Follow Royal Mail @IHaveABirthmark Sorry to hear that, when exactly did your mum post them & what service was used?? -D 10:42 AM 18 Jun 2014 17 120 154
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    Text - October Jones 29 May 12 @OctoberJones Dear Sainsbury's. The chicken in my sandwich tastes like it was beaten to death by Hulk Hogan. Was it? Sainsbury's News News@SainsburysNews Follow @OctoberJones really sorry it wasn't up to scratch. We will replace Mr. Hogan with Ultimate Warrior on our production line immediately 3:58 PM - 29 May 2012 145 74
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    Text - Felipe @JayFelipe 16 Oct 13 Immediate turn off if a girl's mobile network is tesco mobile Tesco Mobile Follow TESCO mobile @tescomobile @JayFelipe Are you really in a position to be turning girls away? 11:20 AM - 16 Oct 2013 7,501 5,666
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    Text - Joe Santagato @JoeSantagato 16 Nov 12 Thanks for the dinner @TacoBell Taco Bell 17 Nov 12 @tacobell TACO BELL @JoeSantagato You're welcome, Joe. What did you get? Joe Santagato @JoeSantagato Follow @TacoBell I got diarrhea but it was worth it 6:06 AM-17 Nov 2012 1,273 1,347
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    Text - Sir Richard Broadbent KCB New Tesco House Delamare Rd Scotland Cheshunt 20h of September 2014 Dear Sir Richard, I write to offer congratulations On a truly impressive achievement Selling us salted popcorn sensations. Yet this praise is not without bereavement I found no real solace to my upset When I went to the shelf popcorn sits on And just found the lump in my throat you get When something you love is there, then it's gone. I live in St Andrews, thus the issue "No plans to restock," yo
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    Product - 5 Jan 15 @Adamstone341 Hi @Tesco I've got a serious problem with one of your products I've recently purchased. Tesco 5 Jan 15 TESCO @Tesco @Adamstone341 Hi Adam, could you please elaborate on this? Thanks Lauren TESCO pet care sensitive dog shampoo ALBA ba for gugo A Follow @Adamstone341 '@Tesco Yes why on earth has your shampoo turned my dog pink? 10:11 PM - 5 Jan 2015 t146,966 152,018


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