10 Reasons to Unfriend Your Parents on Facebook

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    They reveal their strange ideas...

    Text - FEELS LIKE RUNNING THROUGH MCDONALDS NAKED YELLING "IM THE OTHER WHITE MEAT 18 minutes ago Like Comment likes this. WHAT THE FI MOM a few seronds ann Iike
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    They want to know about your personal details...

    Text - added a lfe event from February 1, 2012 to her timeline: Daughter Got Married. Like Comment 23 minutes ago lkes this. You wanna explain this? Mom about a minute ago via mobile - Like
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    ... while missing out on other important ones.

    Text - Happy Birthday, 8 hours ago Like Comment See Friendship Mom, my birthday is tomorrow. Of all people, you should remember that. :-P a few seconds ago Like Write a comment...
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    They gossip about you to other parents.

    Text - P gosh my underwear is bunching up the little men a bit too much, maybe i should start wearing boys underwear? 18 July at 21:53 Unlike Comment and 4 others like this You, you just stick with what ever makes you happy ..hope this helps. Mr.P. I know Milo prefers thongs.... Milo's mum 18 July at 22:37 Unlike 7 people Milo L 19 July at 07:47 Like 1person Write a comment..
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    They speak for you.

    Text - Jenni I am a dork Unlike Comment Share 5 minutes ago via mobile You and Her Dad Did eric steal your phone 4 minutes ago via mobile Like Jenni 2 minutes ago via mobile Like ike this. No dad, you did. Write a comment...
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    They can be total funkillers, man!

    Text - 7 hours ago e Hello everyone, this is he has racked up just over $1,000 in phone bills to phone sex hotlines, he has been removed from his schooling in for Is father is no longer allowed to use his Facebook account as and will be attending boarding school at Thankfully in his grandparents are wealthy and kind enough to pay off his $1,000 debt to us. This Facebook account will be deactivated at 7:00pm tonight where ill be allowed on for 15 minutes to say his goodbyes as he leaves tomorrow
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    They reveal your true beginnings.

    Text - Justin E Commentt when you first met me, how old we were and what u thought! SON> Like Comment Share 21 hours ago nea Mike | 21 hours ago Like 16! Summer school in HSI thought u were cool! Chris 20 hours ago Like Ted E 9 months before you were born. I brought you on a date and you left with your mother. 20 hours ago-Like 7th grade science, mrs. morrison! DAD> I think your dad just won the internet. James 20 hours ago Like
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    They link and share the most awkward stuff.

    Text - I likes a link. TwisterTM Intimate Massager+ Pulse Intimate Massager-TROJAN" Vibrations-... A Hot Deal to Make you Shiver! Twister" Intimate Massager+Pulse Intimate Massager, just $69.99! Like Comment Share 10 hours ago 3. Mom......NOOOOOO!!!! 8 hours ago Un ike 1 Write a comment...
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    They play favorites.

    Text - Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite son! Like Comment 2 hours ago Thanks! I know Facebook is confusing sometimes, 's wall. but this is 30 minutes ago via mobile Unlike 1 Write a comment... A short while later... Happy Valentine's Day to my favorite son! Like Comment 2 hours ago ikes this. Yes! I knew it! about an hour ago via mobile Unlike 32 Except on my timeline she wrote the same thing to Ijust before this one. Awkward... about an hour ago via mobile Like Write a comment... failbook.c
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    No, seriously. They REALLY play favorites.

    Text - iPod 4:06 PM 13 minutes ago Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something bette... Unlike Comment You like this. And that's why you have a younger brother. 3 minutes ago Like Write a comment... Post


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