27 Couples Therapy Memes for Ladies and Long-Term Baes Working Hard to Make It Work

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  • 1
    Going to couples therapy together be like: Daniela Scrima The horrors persist but so do we
  • 2
    Therapist: "And what do we say when our partner disappoints us?" Me: "Called it" Therapist: "no"
  • 3
    me listening to my partner vent and realizing they're the problem
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  • 4
    This sounds like a lot of fun Lives in Perth 12 kilometres away About me 19* Looking for someone to take to couples therapy and see how long it takes the therapist to notice we don't know each other. My Interests Coffee Travel Dog lover Volunteering Cooking
  • 5
    When you know he's going to hurt you, but you still want to try it to see where it goes
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  • 6
    10% of arguments are due to a difference of opinion 90% are due to the wrong tone of voice
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  • 7
    stoned cold fox @roastmalone_ the way I believe my therapist and I would be friends under different circumstances is probably how men feel when they think their hooters waitress is into them
  • 8
    can y'all just post your therapist's advice in the comments so i don't have to go
  • 9
    Kat + DOCT @kittysostoned i'm just a sensitive lover unlearning trauma a S.L.U.T. if you will
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  • 10
    trash jones @jzux “i don't need therapy i need-" no you definitely need therapy
  • 11
    When you're jealous with no jealous right to be
  • 12
    doaa. @pettyreligion i'd b a terrible therapist cause i'd want u to show me a pic of the guy u keep crying about
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  • 13
    me trying to hold back a rude comment when I'm in a bad mood
  • 14
    rosecrystal its true that crying wont solve things but we dont cry to solve. we cry to release aphony-cree Taking the lid off a pot that's boiling too much wont solve the problem of the heat being too high, but it will release the pressure so you'll have time to get the heat under control before everything inside the pot explodes
  • 15
    Want: Cuddles Receives: Struggles
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  • 16
  • 17
    Rwenshaun @Rwenshaun Note from a therapist: yall should try individual therapy BEFORE couples therapy
  • 18
    n: She let me hit bc I go to therapy
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  • 19
    sixfootcandy @sixfootcandy Never underestimate how many times you can do the exact same thing wrong.
  • 20
    @SOFTCORE TRAUMA me when i realize that my need to ensure that everyone's happy is a sign that the younger part of me that had to monitor everyone's moods is activated right now
  • 21
    S @srirachapetosi is your love language really acts of service or are you just an eldest daughter shocked at the thought of someone else. completing a task or responsibility for once
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  • 22
    SCAM GODDESS @DivaLaci If you're not gonna go to therapy you should at least watch Bob's Burgers.
  • 23
    message bcus she humbled me instead of feeding my delusions.
  • 24
    Janel Comeau @VeryBadLlama hey sorry I missed your text, I am processing a non-stop 24/7 onslaught of information with a brain designed to eat berries in a cave
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  • 25
    Yellow @softbfbvnny just diagnosed with forehead kiss deficiency:/
  • 26
    Her: he's really immature Therapist: do you have any response for that? Me: yeah she's being immature times infinity Bad JokeBen
  • 27
    Lloyd Rang @lloydrang Every marriage has one person who throws things out, and a garbage- loving chaos goblin who says "But I was saving that!"


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