20 Dudes Who Are Trying Way Too Hard

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    Text me (please text me).

    Text - ote t about an hour ago Share and 8 others like this woah...your sooooo beautiful, you look amazing with short hair about an hour ago Ihaha aw thanks juan its realy really short thol! about an hour ago cousin has it shorter. text me? about an hour ago |thought id die if i ever went this short but im stil alve hahaha i just didnt want it this short some meany cutmy hair cause he needed a "hair model"....thats what happened:/ about an hour ago a1 wel i think it looks great on you...text me
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    Dude, just stop.

    Text - Girl Guy Thursday near Addison via mobile Had a dream about u for some odd reason lol! Like Comment oh? Thursday at 12:14pm via mobile Like was it scary? Thursday at 12:14pm via mobile Like Yea you were scary Thursday at 12:29pm via mobile Like Lol. Thursday at 12:30pm via mobile Like Lol Jk it was actually romantic we webt to some place to climb a mountain and then we started to kiss and make out .then I woke up maybe bc it was starting to get naughty !lol Thursday at 12:33pm via mobile
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    [Tipping Intensifies]

    Text - 8167 G Gamerscore Zone Pro Message Text Hi! Few things to start off with =] 1. Yes I added you because you're a female gamer, 'tis an awesome thing to see! 2. I'm Brian. 3. Don't be intimidated, but I'm not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I'll be the one in the kitchen D.
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    This is what happens when you think posting to confessions page is anonymous.

    Text - Eric Dear Eric You are very handsome and nice and intelligent. I am so happy you came into my life! Like Comment Thursday at 3:37pm 91 people like this. well this is awkward Briana Thursday at 3:45pm Unlike 72 Eric Thursday at 3:52pm Like 432 sn't this anonymous?? Confessions Not when you post it on our wal.... Thursday at 4:32pm Like432 This is so sad Adrian Thursday at 4:44pm Like48 Dumbass Jason Thursday at 4:45pm Like46 Tyler Hahahahah priceless! So embarrassing Thursday at 4:59pm via
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    Why won't anyone strive for me?

    Text - I play football, rugby, baseball, wrestled, cheer leading, play instruments, sing, dance, ace shooter, great driver, ran track for a bit, did/do mixed martial arts, wicked intelligent, sweet, protective, kind, loving, and understanding. Yet I still have nobody striving for me... Like Comment 15 people like this It's probably cuz you're whiny. 17 hours ago Like 6
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    It probably isn't the best idea to post a forever alone rant on an engagement photo...

    Photograph - was in Like Comment Share and 21 others like this. good for you man everyone I know has found love but me I have spent 25 years of my life so far just trying to get a girlfriend and that has not happened yet well the main reason is I am too passionate about what I do on youtube and my film work that the right person has not came along yet, I may not have found love with a girl but my love with film and youtube just might get me somewhere I just found out I might be working on real h

    Just sayin'.

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    Text - | commented on this. 19 hrs- I had the best time with my soon to be gf Like Comment Noooo u don't I'm sorry but I still love some body else and ur really not my type so u don't almost have me k we can still be friends but that is it okay 7 mins Like Write a comment...
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    Dads make great wingmen.

    Text - Betty December 7 via mobile It's sweet when someone knows every single detail about you. Not because you constantly remind them, but because they pay attention. Share likes this. Ronald friends with my Son? he doesn't use facebook let me know for sure and i will provide his phone# about an hour ago Betty, is there a dhance you are wishing to be
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    Sounds like a plan!

    Text - She works as a cashier at CVS and her name is Lauren. I estimate her age to about 21 or 22. I can't deny that I've always had the hots for her The way she nudges her clinging, black-pant-covered leg forward in bumping it into the back of the counter whenever I step up to pay for something, and that accentuates the roundness of her butt and the triangle shape of her crotch. It's a Bermuda triangle where my mind every time gets dazed and lost. And so the proposition I've decided to set fort
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    Fun - "A poet is a but a metapthor of life itself. not oply in the words they write but the aetions they take" SHINIG DISLIKES hacR Chau musiC Racism comatbesr LIKES ART CURITING DUSIC ChepistRy phocogRmphy pobcnsciNG
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    Text - at riverwalk. Today's attire #Hollister #CrooksAndCastles #instalike #instacute #like #like4like #likeforlike #likemypicture #follow #followme #follow4follow #followforfollow #wWhiteBoy #TeamCute 2vaT ta.orz .AD.AJ Like Comment Share 49 minutes ago
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    Text - Morgan about an hour ago via mobile i Lost my damn wallet in Reno and I'm not going to get it back : Im such an effing idiot. Like Comment Tyler about an hour ago Like That sucks hmu if u need some cash Cancel any credit or debit cards you have Preston about an hour ago Like 1 Thanks Tyler Morgan Yeah I know I'm doing it in the morning when I wake up. about an hour ago Like Imean it I work tomorrow after 4 come by if u Tyler need some money mkay about an hour ago Like Thank you. I'm going
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    When pickup lines go bad.

    Text - 2 hours ago near Yatala so channel 7 news was just outside.... Like Comment Share They must be doing a segment on undiscovered models 49 minutes ago via mobile Unlike 2 um no, my neighbour got badly assaulted. 12 minutes ago via mobile Like
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    Eyewear - GIRLFRIEND DOESN'T WANT TO DOAN ANAL? Kepy 35 m You might find this funny) Uike Reply 36 mins no, I really dont and you're- surprised I dont want to be your girtriend? Like 33 mins Write a reply Uke Reply Repty 30 m Like SURPISE HER WITH IT WOMEN LOVE SURPRISES. Write a comment
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    Thanks for the heads-up!

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    Text - Back active now 7:16 PM You liked my status, wassssup ? (; No bye this always happens to me I've never found a girlfriend in my life no girl will ever date me. Im just gonna kill myself.. <3 WTF DON'T KILL YO SELF - Listen bitch, if you don't date me then im gonna kill myself. Simple as that
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    Text - r ago My ex-gf tried to be a bitch on facebook but I retaliated. we broke up a month ago. she updated her facebook from single to in a relationship and immediately got 78 likes and a comment that said "you upgraded" which got 54 likes and her reply "" got 24 likes. i also liked the "you upgraded" comment and wrote "getting something new is not always an upgrade. see windows 2000 to windows ME" and it got 3 likes already (one is my own) 7 Likes 53 Comments Like Comment
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    She liked my picture, she must want my babies.

    Eyewear - updated her profile picture May 8 Share likes this. You are a very good looking YOUNG lady. I am flattered that you liked my picture and there is at least 2 things you shouls know then you will likely unfriend me and it's ok if you do. # 1 I am a Christian and Jesus is (and always be) first in my life. # 2 is that I have 2 daughers older then you. I wannted you to know that up front. Sincerly. Rich May 8 at 8:33pm
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    Text - Peter commented on is photo. Profile pictures Yesterday at 16:25 8 people like this. View all 9 comments Peter Wow, I wish you weren't my aunt Yesterday at 16:25 thats just weird peter. haha. 13:58
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    Occupation: Pickup Artist

    Text - This is not a business card but a friendship seeking card. Please glve me a call if you are not occupied an otherwiss aiease- pass onto-an ofoer-saey-triends. Thank you and hope to hear trom you soon. Name: lan / Age: 40 38 Ht: 6 2 Wt: 210 lbs Occupation: Life/Salnt / P.UA Nationality: Canadlan / Pakdstan Phone Numbers: (905) (Brampton) (Toronto) (416)

    If anything, the takeaway message is this:

    You're not as suave as you think you are.


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