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Humble Dog Gives Back To Dogs Still On The Streets

  • Lana the smiling dog.

    Lana remembers the hard days. (Given they weren't so far behind her) She wasn't born into privilege or a loving home. The adorable 8 month old puppy was rescued off the streets in Brazil by her now owner Suelen Shaumloeffel, but still remembers her time on the streets. 

    So how does this adorable always smiling dog give back?

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  • Shaumloeffel recently discovered that her puppy, who sleeps outside in her own doggie pad, has been dragging her blanket out to share with a homeless dog. Due to the recent drop in temperature in the region, Shaumloeffel didn't think Lana's think fur coat would be enough to keep her warm, so she gave her another warm thick blanket. Once she saw that Lana was taking the blanket and sharing it with a homeless friend, her heart melted. 

    She also started to try and help the homeless dog stating that she's been leaving water out for the local stray, but is unable to give it more help because it runs away scared whenever she tries to approach.

  • Black dog on a pool noodle in the water.

    Suluen told the Dodo "I thought, 'How beautiful that she did that for her friend'. My best four- legged friend reminded me of something so important: generosity. She is the nicest little dog I've ever met. We forget something the difference we can make in someone else's life."

    Lana will always give back , and because of her kindness she can create a domino effect. We hope that Lana will continue, and more people will follow suit! 


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