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Queen Elizabeth Has Added A New Member To The Royal Family, And He's Adorable!

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    How Did They Meet?


    Bill Fenwick served as Sandringham's gamekeeper for many years. Sadly, he recently passed early this year. Before Fenwick's passing, while his health was declining, the Queen would take his dogs for walks around the Sandringham grounds, while she walked her dogs. Even, after his passing, the Queen continued to walk his dogs. Until finally she decided to invite the Corgi Whisper into her home for good.

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    Dog walking

    A source told The Sun, "She couldn't resist Whisper. Now she has asked Bill's family if she can keep him." 

    This isn't the Queen's first pup though. Queen Elizabeth already has three other dogs. A Corgi, named Willow, and two Dorgis (Corgi- Dashcund mixes) Valcun and Candy. 

    This is a picture of her three pups along with her fourth Corgi Holly, who sadly passed away in 2016. 

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    In 2014...

    Sky - VF

    The Queen decided she would stop breeding her signature dogs. (The Pembroke Corgi) over her fears about the future... The source told The Sun, "The Queen has always had corgis but she made the decision four years ago not to breed any more because she didn't want to have a bad fall. She was also concerned dogs might be left without an owner if anything happened to her."

    We have to admit that brought tears to our eyes. The Queen seems to always be looking towards the future. We would be very shocked if her pups would be anything but welcomed by other families. 


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