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Cat Defeats All Odds And Returns To His Owner

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    In the end if was one of her mother's friends who told her, that her daughter can help out and keep him. As you can imagine this was excellent news. Sure, it wasn't ideal but at least Winston would have a home. That was until…

    "About 3 weeks ago they decided they no longer wanted him and abandoned him on her doorstep.  He had no cat carrier, no food, no water, and the temperature in Tucson in above 110 degrees. He had never lived at this apartment building with my Mom!" Lisa stated. 

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  • Cat

    When they got the news they thought they were too late. Her mother called the surrounding pounds, and franticly looked for him. Sadly, they had thought he was lost forever. However, just this pass Monday, after weeks of no Winston, Lisa's mother was sitting on her patio and heard something rattling in the bushes. And it was Winston! The two have been reunited once more! 

    We are so glad for this happy reunion and Lisa has even stated how happy Winston is to be home, "He will not leave her side!" 

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