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'The MOST wholesome': Dog and Crow Besties Become Real Life Snoopy and Woodstock, Go Viral


If you are familiar with the Charlie Brown cartoons, then you know exactly where this is going. In the cartoon there is a pet dog named Snoopy who has a best friend who is a pet bird named Woodstock. They go on all kinds of adventures together and are generally always hanging out with each other. So, to find a dog and bird duo that are best friends like that IRL is the MOST wholesome


This is Sam and Darling, they are a border collie and crow duo. They are the best of friends and love to play together. The internet has made them go viral and are calling them the "real life Snoopy and Woodstock.” 

Some viewers also point out that wolves and crows are actually found hanging out together in the wild pretty often. What is their symbiotic relationship? Maybe they're not just hella chill and gravitate towards each other. Or maybe the wolf protects the crow and the crow gets fur to nest with. Who knows?! All we know is that it is epically adorable and we've love to see more of it. Excuse us as we go get into a rabbit hole Google-ing “wolves and crows."

Watch the full video:


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