24 Morons Who Got Instant Karma For Lying On the Internet

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    picture girls taking selfie in mirror facebook How i dressed when i was 14 vs how 14 year old girls dress now ZZ His View on Instagram Haha seriously. Quit trying to grow up so damn fast Like Comment Stop Notifications Share and 15 others like this. Lol this is you at 15!! We all did it girll You're just getting old now!!! Unlike Reply2 13 hrs I got pics of me at 15 lookin fine as hell tool! Like Reply 13 hrs 4
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    badly photoshopped image of band playing on stage in front of crowd
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    photoshopped image of school boy in front of two blonde girls in night club David. Who are these girls? Were you on a Debora party? Does your mother know about this? You are in big trouble young man, don't get your feet on my doormat. I can promise for nothing if I see you brat September 19, 2013 at 4:16am Like 1
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    photo of old phone with i love you written on screen ive learned that God communicates in the most unexpected ways... I didn't type this on my calculator. I found this message after having been gone for a weekend and didnt let anyone use it before leaving. I turned on my calculator and was reminded that im loved by God. <3 T1-83 Plus TEXAS INSTRUMENTS T LOVE YOU -GOD TRACE GAPH 20OM WOOW our DEL MODE ALOCK ALPHA STAT CLEAR VARS PROM APP MATH a TAN COs Like Comment Sh
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    facebook comments guy selfie Got Engaged Like Comment hours ago a So yean...Im engaged Like Comment Share 3 hours ago To who? 2 hours ago via mobile Like The most amazing man is the world! hours ago Like Which would be...who? 2 hours ago via mobile Like name is david 2 hours ag0 Like ok...why havent I met him? 2 hours ago via mobile Like your not always around 2 hours ago Like I know im not alvways around but I see ou at least twice a week and you never mentione
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    facebook post Don't leave your Facebook logged in at future shop bro. Like Comment Share and 69 others like this. Fuck June 4 at 3:23pm via mobile Like 3 Last time I checked, future shop wasn't in Sherwood June 4 at 4:37pm via mobile Like 16 another staged status to try to get likes... classic June 4 at 4:50pm- Like 15
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    woman taking selfie in car comments Are you driving down the road while taking a selfie?! NO BUENO Yesterday at 11:33 PM Edited Like I was sitting in my No driveway! Of course I'm not that shallow. 2 hours ago Like You have a stain on that jacket 23 minutes ago Like Except the reflection on the sunglasses is of a highway. Not a driveway and you hand is on the steering wheel. 1 minute ago Edited Like Done Agirl should always be two things, classy & fabulous" See More 25 Likes 6 Comments
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    picture avril lavigne with guy smiling photoshopped facebook comments This picture confuses me. July 3 at 8:03am- Like 2 Cute pic July 3 at 1:16pm Like 1 is that your new girlfriend?.. lol July 3 at 6:25pm- Like 1 Him Old flame... lolol! July 4 at 12:33am- Like This looks photoshopped and that looks like avril lavine lol July 5 at 5:53pm Like her through iand of a friond is.met in bands in phoenix. That was taken in an outdoor ing Him My friend got me
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    girl taking selfie in mirror body photoshopped beachclub outfit i miss summer already deu
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    dog next to pillow with stuffing taken out believe me it was not my fault i believe it when a dog destroys a cushion, they don't use the zipper
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    google reviewsThis place is racist! I waited 20+ minutes to have my drink order taken while others (white) had there orders taken in a timely manner! Then the security guard tried to kick me out and threatened to call the cops on me! I was not drunk, trying nor to cause a scene, yet he still threatened me! I told him I knew my rights and I knew I should be allowed to talk to a manager before hand! He said me find one! I found a no, he
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    facebook comments Lola Pi 2015 In a Relationship with 2015 Like Comment like this and from your profile pic I thought you were in a Damn relationship with April 14 at 2:44am Like 2 holy hell, when did you become stud April 14 at 2:46am Like does she have any single friends? April 14 at 2:48am Like 1 LOL guess we're meant to be... 1 Lola Pi April 14 at 2:48am-Like that is your girlfriend April 14 at 2:49am Like a model from instagram and definetly not 2 congrats April 14 at 2:49a
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    guy rubbing his eyes Sun was in my eyes lol but my new favorite picture Like Comment Stop Notifications Share 2 people like this if the sun was in ur eyes then why is ur shadow in front of u 5 mins Like You see your shadow when it's sunny outside dumbass...Stay in school 3 mins Like f the sun was in front of you your shadow would be behind you 2 mins Like Write a comment
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    facebook fake relationship In a Relationship with Yesterday Like-Comment 2 people like this. i you really make a fake account to say you had a ked lol girlfriend thats f 3 mins Like blonde, girl, longhair, necklace, pretty image # 262263 on Inspiring image blonde, girl, longhair, necklace FAVIM.COM Art, friends, outdoors, enjoying life, adventuring Bakersfield California, I'm not very
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    picture clouds in sky While I was walking down the street I had noticed this one spot in the cloud's the more I kept on looking at it. The more it began to look like a heart.... Sooo I took a picture. Ain't it beautiful Like Comment Share and 28 others like this. View 1 more comment This was taken from google, but still a nice photo Found Iy 28 mins-Like
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    girl picture facebook comment ok this time no edit! gotta love meh with Ivana LuvsYouu, Penny Housten, Charlie Annabel and 23 others. Share 17 people like this this looks photoshopped up the ass I js! August 19 at 5:41pm 9 Kushh AM BEAUTIFUL YOU JUST HATER August 19 at 5:42pm 1 NO IT F EN NO OK THIS ME Come on now Really ? August 19 at 5:43pm 41 forreal you just hater Kushh August 19 at 5:45pm Hey looks guys I the walls move August 19 at 5:45pm 46 Kushlf t normal wtf August 19 at 5:46pm thin
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    photoshopped Selfie of guy
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    picture girl playing guitar View on Instagram Therapy session Like Commont Share t's upside down, 7 mins Lke Writo a comment. Sponsored si Domino's Pizza order Two Layers Of Cheose, To The Edgo. Try Our P Today at
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    phone call screen - Ashton Kutcher iPhone Remind Me Message Yesterday Ashton called me!!! Omg! We actually had a conversation! I told him that I can never pronounce his name correctly.. He was laughing so hard. (Because of my accent.) Mila was with him and I told her that I was from Russia and she gave me her number so she could get to know me more!! Omg!!I love them!!! (dont ask me for their number, cause I won't give it to you.) Like Comment Share and 14 others l
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    pennies with crosses cut out you not these pennies feel off my bed just now and these crosses popped out..
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    woman taking photoshopped selfie in mirror Why does the door look like it's warped? 4 minutes ago Like 1 It's the design I think? No idea. Ifiltered it like 8 times like a woman too. 2 minutes ago -Like Busted! Just now Like With wha? Just now Like Write a comment... Post 4 Likes 4 Comments
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    picture naked girl instagram I'm naked Gawd u are o sxc xxx If you're gunna use other people's pics and claim them as your own, at least make sure it's not one of the most famous women on the planet and that you crop her face out
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    facebook My father actually received private lessons as a child from Glenn Gould. He still plays the harpsichord, clavichord and piano on his spare time Reply 97 Hide replies 6 months ago From Gould's 1982 obituary in the New York Times: "His lucid, vigorous, introspective and mannered keyboard style has been influential among some musicians, although he taught no students and left no musical descendants."
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    guy taking selfie sunglasses outside road Chris Damn homie, you got makeup on! Lmao 02 May 29, 2016 at 9:05am John WTF u talkn bout Chris don't hate on my good complection im in the woods on atv fuck u bitch!! 4 June 5, 2016 at 6:26pm Edited Your complexion does look flawless here... Erica 01 May 29, 2016 at 2:06pm Thanks,Must be sun light lol John
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    hand holding black wrapped package So my new hammer arrived in the mail... Next Post > by T 10 hr 10 points to whomever packed this before shipping it..
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    hand holding hammer I can just imagine the laughs had at the hardware store when they were getting this ready to send. SMH.
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    comments He bought an actual dildo. You can see the hammer on the left in the first frame. Collapse indroid D 363 pts 6 hr Oh shit, yup. DILDO CONFIRMATION ia Android 0 174 pts 6 hr Busted!


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