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The Mystery of a Green Cat in The Streets of Bulgaria

  • Fancy feast your eyes on Bulgaria’s beautiful green alien cat, an eye-catching stray kitteh with a magical, jewel-toned fur coat.

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  • The cat first became popular back in 2014, when locals in the seaside town of Varnia, Bulgaria noticed her and another stray running around together.

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    At first, Varna residents worried the kitty may have been painted green as part of a cruel prank. But as luck would have it, they soon discovered that the cat turned herself green after repeatedly sleeping in an old paint barrel where some dye was leaking. According to the veterinarian in the video below, the cat is most likely dyeing herself with some sort of non-toxic food or textile dye, because it does not appear to be harming her. Were this dye painful or dangerous for her, her fur and her skin wouldn't look so healthy, and the coloring wouldn't be so consistent.

  • The emerald-green cat remained popular, with locals and tourists drawing her out for a photo or two with some treats.

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    Now, according to the update video below, the cat has found a new sleeping spot, and she's nearly returned to her natural color – unchanged except for "a couple of green highlights, and having gained a little extra weight from all those treats."


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