Warner Bros Released DC's Movie Slate For The Next Six Years

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    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, March 25, 2016

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    You already know about this one. Ben Affleck's Batman will face off against Henry Cavill as Superman with cameos galore as Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg are all slated to appear.

    The real hero, of course, will be the power of friendship, which will inevitably bring these two together by the end of the film.
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    Suicide Squad, August 5, 2016

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    The most surprising announcement on this list, is an early release date for Suicide Squad, a governmental black ops team composed entirely of super villains. This may be Warner Bros' attempt to blow Sony's Sinister Six out of the water, and If they include the totally cosplayable, Harley Quinn in the lineup, they'll succeed.
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    Wonder Woman, June 23, 2017

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    The biggest complaint you hear about the superhero movie trend is the lack of female centric movies. DC has once again promised us a Wonder Woman movie (what is this, the third attempt?) and, if they follow through, 2017 might become the year of the female superhero.

    Sony promised us a female hero, and Marvel could always slate something like Captain Marvel into their May 5th, 2017 slot. It's become a female superhero race. Who'll get there first?
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    Justice League, November 12, 2017

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    The DC equivalent of The Avengers, Justice League will team up every DC hero against one imposing threat. Maybe the Suicide Squad will go rogue and turn into a Secret Society of Super Villains. Maybe Prometheus will subtly take them down with his guile. Personally, we want to see Darkseid, but we'd be willing to wait for Justice League 2.
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    The Flash, March 23, 2018 w/ Ezra Miller

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    It looks like Warner Bros chose to eschew Grant Gustin's version of speedster Barry Allen, for someone a bit flashier (I'm not even sorry). In their stand-alone movie The Flash, WB chose Ezra Miller. Best known for Perks of Being a Wallflower and We Need to Talk About Kevin, Miller has the bona fides to pull this off.
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    Aquaman, July 27, 2018 w/ Jason Momoa

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    Aquaman traditionally looks something like this:

    But since he's become the butt of every superhero joke, they chose an actor who looks a bit more imposing:

    Probably a good choice for the King of Atlantis, who rivals Superman's strength.
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    Shazam, April 5, 2019 w/ Dwayne Johnson (Black Adam)

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    Shazam is the story of teenager Billy Batson, who calls on the genie Shazam to turn into the super strong, Captain Marvel. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been tied to this for a long time, but now we know he'll play the villain, Black Adam.

    It'll be hard to find an actor who both has The Rock's physical presence and acting chops to play Captain Marvel, but we can't wait to see who it is.
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    Justice League 2, June 14, 2019

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    Darkseid, that's all we want.
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    Cyborg, April 3, 2020 w/ Ray Fisher

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    I expect we'll see Cyborg play a roll in a lot of the movies leading up to his solo debut. He's already been rumored for Batman v Superman, so he'll undoubtedly make an appearance in both Justice League movies. This is Ray Fisher's first roll on the big screen, but since he's come this far, we bet he'll be awesome.
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    Green Lantern, June 19, 2020

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    They're waiting as long as possible to reboot Green Lantern because we all still remember when Ryan Reynolds played Hal Jordan. Our guess is they'll recast completely and find us a John Stewart version of the titular hero.

    That's every Warner Bros/DC movie confirmed between now and 2020. We expect another stand-alone movie for both Batman and Superman, but they haven't been confirmed. Between WB, Disney, Sony and Fox, the superhero trend is hitting critical mass. Hopefully the market won't crash before we get all to see each of these awesome movies.


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