20 Women With Savage Comebacks to People Who Said They Needed Makeup

  • 1
    Text - My friend said I'm ugly because don't wear makeup.I smudged her eyeliner and mascara.
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  • 2
    Eyebrow - Ore day sonee aked me why dont wear makoup canse Im not a fake like yu caid
  • 3
    Face - Idant wear makeup because ld rather have a quy be shocked whenlput it on, rather than whenl bake it off.
  • 4
    Text - Mygrandma told me i's not ladylike to not.wear makeup Ttald her be manlylike then
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    Lipstick - My boyfiriend told malwould Ibok better with makeup on. safd, Sowould you
  • 7
    Footwear - Astranger at the mallsaidf he so pretty with makeup on and saidtheyd bepretty f thegtalkedless SLIKE RA TE
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  • 8
    Product - Every time someone asks whyl don& wear makeup literally ust freeze unti they awkwardy walk away
  • 9
    Skin - When someone asks whygou dont wear makeup, simplytel them that youre pretty without it
  • 10
    Sky - My little sister said Id get more dates flwore makeup. Isaid shedget less pregnancy scares if she didnt
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  • 11
    Facial expression - once dated this guy who said hewouldnt take me to prom unless wore makeup, sol dumped him and took his friend
  • 12
    Text - Mymom wanted me towear makeup in my senior pictures told her she could draw it on when shegot the pics if it was that important toher
  • 13
    Eyelash - bighschodtsppularl Eold melcould be morelike her flwore makeup was ike, why the heak would Iwant to bemore likeyou?
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  • 14
    Text - I don't wear makeup because feel I don't need to rely on it. The guy I like says I "have potential" but I "just don't try." I'm really not liking him anymore.
  • 15
    Text - Reason whyldont wear makeup#1 llove my the freckles on my Face way too much
  • 16
    Text - Everyone tells melshould wear makeup because it would make me pretty but lbelieve in natural beauty Fyou cannot love howllook naturally, there's no point.
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  • 17
    Green - My boss is trying to tell mel should wear makeup to work every day Last time I checked, Idon't need a fake face to do my job.
  • 18
    Text - Alitleboy asked me why l dont wear makeup.Isaid, Because Im happier without t He said, But youre not a girlPyou dont wear makeup. This is what's Wrong with society II
  • 19
    Text - When people tell me Ishould wear makeup more often,Isay Idon't have time Il stayugy
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  • 20
    Lip - broke up with my boyfriend because he told me that should wear makeup more. So I can "look pretty for him" No.


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