Señor GIF

These GIFs of Birds With Arms Are Gentle Reminder of What is to Come in The Future With Science Bending The Rules of Nature

  • 1

    Standing Around, Idle Waiting For Someone to Notice Their Artificial Appendages

    Bird -
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  • 2

    Attempting to Get The Bus Drivers Attention While They Hold Their Starbucks

    Net - OCner
  • 3

    Not Quite Sure What Kind of Business They Are Trying to Get Into

    Bird - GIF
  • 4

    Contemplating The Best Emoji to Use to Convey Their Feelings in This Cold Universe

    Vertebrate -
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  • 5

    Carrying Their Office Supplies to Work

    Penguin -
  • 6

    Practicing Ping Pong While They Wait For Challengers

    Bird -


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