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Top 20 Cat Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #349

  • 1
    A peek into the Dark Lord Vader's helmet... HMMM... This explains a lot

    Well that makes purrfect sense - Darth Vader was a cat this whole time! It explains why his spaceship was a giant ball that shot lasers out of it. Those are two things that cats are completely obsessed with. Now all the dots are starting to connect.

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  • 2
    What do you plan to grow this year? Older & crankier.

    When we were in our 20s, we couldn't imagine ever getting older. Well, suddenly, you wake up and you're in your 30s and you go to bed at 10 PM because staying up late gives you a headache. How did we get here?

  • 3
    Wind him up and he goes all day
  • 4
    Me, in between sets at the gym.
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  • 5
    ur homemaed boobee twap got me so git me outta heah n fro awae ur toolz cuz kawpentwy aint ur ting
  • 6
    A real prepper's pantry has everything you need to feed your family, but it also holds the other necessities of life, tools you might need, and of course at least one cat. TH dif SOMB WEINES Wellbars
  • 7
    gonna sue my human for dereliction of duty
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  • 8
    St. Berncat. For emergencies
  • 9
    Who told you to leave the lid open? I'm a cat, we do things!
  • 10
    Ive got toe beans. bajio6401 Gaze Lots of cute toe beans. upon them in worship.
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  • 11
    Toldja I cud fit in heer! Pffftt!
  • 12
  • 13
    It's a bird... It's a screen... It's... super frustrating to be a cat sometimes!
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  • 14
    Goodmeowning human. Sleep well? Ready for breakfast? And with that I mean ready to make mine for me?
  • 15
    needs to grow a bit more before it's ripe for harvest
  • 16
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  • 17
    I got all my presents Not a disposable thumb in the bunch
  • 18
    Aw, He went to Jared.
  • 19
    Glutenny One of the seven breadly sins.


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