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22 Sweet Orange Cat Posts For Heartbroken Feline Pawrents Heading To The Office

  • 1

    "Anyone else?"

    Me to myself: this conversation is so annoying. I hope I am hiding it well My face: @orangecatnation

    A little reminder of how you might end up looking during the first few small talk conversations you are likely to have upon entering the office. It is ok to not care at all, just know that other people are likely to be aware of how you feel. But hey, they did not have to leave their heart and soul at home, so what do they know.

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  • 2

    "All day everyday"

    Today I plan on being as useless as the g in lasagna @orangecatnation
  • 3

    "Everytime too"

    Me: spends too much money also me: the look of shock when I check my bank account and my money is gone. @orangecatnation

    Ah the bane of the modern day existence. Beholden to money that you work oh so hard for, yet addicted to spending it all on your cat's fancy treats and toys. If only they could understand how much we give them and how hard it was to obtain. They probably think it's as easy as catching a mouse is for them.

  • 4

    "Just a handsome boy who loves his stroller!"

    Cheezburger Image 10362107648
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  • 5

    "Who else does this?"

    Me: I'm so full I can't eat another bite Me: 15 minutes later @orangecatnation
  • 6
    When you have no clue what someone just said and instead of asking them to repeat themselves you just smile back @orangecatnation
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  • 7
    When you wake up from a 3 hour nap that should have only been 20 minutes @orangecatnation
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  • 8
    Friend: your crush is coming, quick act natural Me: @orangecatnation
  • 9
    When your boss is coming and you have to pretend you are doing something
  • 10
    I need a maycation, I may come back and I may not
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  • 11
    How my cat looks at me when I want cuddles vs. how my cat looks at me when he wants cuddles and I about to leave the house
  • 12

    "The shocked face I pull every time followed by letting the call go to voicemail"

    When someone calls you instead of just texting back
  • 13
    When you have too many things to do, so you just end up sitting for hours instead
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  • 14

    "Time goes by so slowly sometime"

    When you thought you have been working for 5 hours and it's actually only been 20 minutes
  • 15

    "Morning zoomies get crazy"

    Cheezburger Image 10362109440
  • 16

    "This is the worst"

    Enter Password Wrong Wrong Wrong Reset Password New Password Can't Be Old Password
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  • 17

    "The way of cats..."

    I always feel like somebody's watching me.
  • 18
    Cheezburger Image 10362109696
  • 19

    "I heard there was an eclipse today...so lets apply this to me too"

    While we're at it, don't look directly at me either
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  • 20

    "Snack time"

    Cheezburger Image 10362110976
  • 21

    "I don't wanna answer the door!"

    me annoyingly looking through my door's peep hole when a neighbor didn't get the hint to go away
  • 22
    When Mom says to smile nice for the picture


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