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24 Wholesome Feline Posts Purrfect Fur The Office Cat Lady

  • 1

    "Priorities straight! "

    Friend: You wanna come out? Me: Nah I can't. Already have plans. My plans:

    This is the excuse you should have used to not come into work today. Just stay in bed with your cat child, wait for your boss to call or text you to ask why you have not made it into the office, and respond as above. While they might initially be unsympathetic to your 'plans', it is likely that if you explain what your plans are, they will be ok with it…

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  • 2

    "The joy of Catmas!"

    Here's a photo of a cat seeing a Christmas tree for the first time. You're welcome. (:
  • 3

    "Happy Slumber Solstice!"

    Happy Slumber Solstice 1.8m 冷凍食品一
  • 4

    "How would your cat rate your service?"

    If your cat could make a review Charlie B. Viera, FL *****2 months ago The owners are very nice but the service is horrible. I have to wait all day for my wet food. Literally! The presentation is St. They simply throw the temptations on the floor. Most of the time, the servers just ignore me when I ask for wet food. The portions are way too small - especially the temptations. I would give this place 0 stars if I could. Business Owners Hello Charlie. Thank you for your review. We appologize if we

    The amount of truth in this post is actually slightly overwhelming. Even the response is pure gold. Like, these reviews are just the most accurate summation of so so many conversations between hooman and feline-kind that have largely been carried out through body language. It is somehow rather comforting to see them in black and white.

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  • 5

    "A CAT-erpillar!"

    I took a panoramic picture of our living But my cat decided to walk through.
  • 6

    "Always a blast!"

    Me: Wanna hang out? Friend: Sure Us:
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  • 7

    "Dads are adaptable!"

    Dad: *doesn't want a cat* Family: *buy a cat* Dad and cat a week later:
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  • 8

    "Sploots are just the best (extra points for the cute toe beans)!"

    Cheezburger Image 10364944384
  • 9
  • 10

    "“Empty” = The bowl is only 5/6 full"

    Somewhere there is a cat Looking at an empty bowl like imgflip.com
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  • 11

    "Feline the same when we leave our cats at home! "

    MISSING CAT op Qua and clos ert lor herd • i miss my cat • he's not gone or anything - just at home • but im here at uni • enjoy this picture of him Stude mation: /events
  • 12

    "Purrfectly normal to us! "

    I may look normal but I meow back at cats.
  • 13
    hello did someone say pspspsps
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  • 14

    "Smart grandpa!"

    Me: Why don't you just move the cat out of your chair? Grandpa: Well I don't want her to hate me.
  • 15

    "The sweetest little shadow!"

    The most underrated creatures. Having a black cat is like having a gorgeous little shadow with eyes. G
  • 16

    "We all know the answer to that question..."

    Guess who is the boss in this house.
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  • 17

    "Wishing everypawdy a splootiful day."

    Cheezburger Image 10364945920
  • 18

    "That’s a spicy cookie!"

    These almond cookies are very aggressive ALMOND COOKIES
  • 19

    "Empurrloyee of the month, fur sure!"

    rae @lasagnadelrae finally discovered where one of my cats(hazy) has been going on her outings (to johnnys new york pizza) Nice talking to you too! My name is Austin, I'm the kitchen manager at Johnnys. We're all in love with hazy lol HA HA Thank you for being so kind to her. She is definitely not shy! We've had other cats come to the back before, but she is definitely our favorite We were thinking of giving her employee of the month
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  • 20

    "We're so lucky! "

    Cats of Yore @CatsOf Yore Imagine if we didn't have cats and you could only see them in zoos. We'd go and be like "OMG there were these micropanthers in all different colors and they're beautiful and why can't I have one "But we DO get to have them and it's amazing! That's what I'm thankful for today.
  • 21
    I tried to take a photo of his yawn but the sunset turned him into a fire breathing monster
  • 22

    "Looks like it belongs to the cat!"

    ES.LIZ @slizagna Decorated this tiny nook at the top of my stairs and have yet to use it because the space is always occupied
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  • 23

    "We’re absolutely obsessed with this cute splooty booty!"

  • 24

    "Looking purrfect!"

    r/cats u/Emloin ⚫5h.i.redd.it I caught my cat staring at himself in the mirror looking like a renaissance painting.


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