Guitarist gets kicked from band after pretending to be a permanent member with bizarre story on social media: 'This was a decision based solely on internal issues and intellectual differences'

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    О Sa 1d Took my nephew to McDonald's and one of the employees said to me "I like your style, you look like you're in a band" and I was like "I am!" and then my 8 year old nephew decided to chime in and was like "and they just got signed to a record label, so my uncle is basically famous" and the employee asked me where I'm from and I told her that I live down the street from the McDonald's and she congratulated me and said that she will pay for our meals and I asked why and she was like "well, i
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    о S 2h- Just wanted to announce that I have stepped away from my band. Most of you know, I was in a band and we got signed to a record label. As of today, I am no longer in that band. In my opinion, they screwed me over. I gave them all of my passion/enthusiasm. I actually took the band seriously unlike their previous drummer. I even got us signed to a record label... And how do they repay me? By kicking me out just because of some differences. So, you know what this means now? A lot of you also
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    ୦ 24m Follow Today we made the decision to part ways with Tearlier than expected. This is not a decision that was made lightly nor was it a decision based on any rumors that have been circulating. This was a decision based solely on internal issues and intellectual differences. was brought on as a temporary member while a permanent member had to step away to deal with personal issues. This statement was made clear to and to the public via our social media accounts. We wish endeavors. nothing but
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    BlueHero45 21 hr. ago . A drummer who wants to go full throttle into Rap after getting kicked out of a band screams red flag to me and I don't know why. • Rough-Shock7053 · 20 hr. ago It totally reminded me of Dee Dee Ramone/Dee Dee King, even though Dee Dee wasn't the drummer.
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    • poormansnigella 16 hr. ago. 'Intellectual differences' killed me. Paraphrasing- 'this guy is too dumb to be in our band'.
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    Cam27022 22 hr. ago Lol, what a The first part sounds entirely made up, what McDonald's employee is going to pay for some rando's food? I can see why the band wanted to part ways early. Westley Mc 17 hr. ago Has "and then everybody clapped" vibes haha
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    ParadeSit 19 hr. ago • Aw man, now he'll have to buy his own McDonald's.
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    Rough_Homework6913 14 hr. ago Dumped from the band for being too cringe. Lol
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    Realistic_Actuary642 · 12 hr. ago I know someone like this lol. He's really entry level at guitar yet thinks because he did one open mic night years ago that everyone recognizes him. Nobody will ever convince him he's not God's gift to music and he will go through life believing it
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    el_d0g 10 hr. ago I went to a music university and I would say probably 50% of my peers were like this. It was especially painful studying vocals, majority of the class had no experience and thought that because their mum said they could sing when they were 15 that music uni would be easy. Needless to say those people dropped out when they realised that most of the course is theory and anatomy instead of getting to stand on a stage every day and be mindlessly praised.
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    Gavorn 16 hr. ago "You look like you're in a band." A sentence that has never been said in real life.


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