21 Teachers Reveal Why They Secretly Hate Teaching

  • 1
    Grading is killing me. I hate teaching. I thought I would love it but I definitely picked the wrong career.
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    I would have switched my college major from teaching to finance. 6 years post graduation, I'm realizing how much I hate teaching and don't want to do this anymore.
  • 3
    I hate teaching with every ounce of my being. After this semester, I'm never doing it again. I've only taught for four semesters. Students these days are awful.
  • 4
    I hate teaching but I have to do it to earn my living. I feel like I'll be unhappy the rest of my life because of this.
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  • 5
    I hate teaching kindergarten! It's like teaching a bunch of wild apes.
  • 6
    I hate teaching and I hate my students. How do I bring myself to quit? It's not even my day job.
  • 7
    I'm a teacher, but I secretly hate teaching slow learners.. which is all my kids in class. hate my job. Being a teacher sucks
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  • 8
    Text - Im a school teacher. Worst part of my job is dealing with parents that contest the grades I give their kids and tel me how I should do my job. it makes me hate teaching and want to quit daily.
  • 9
    I hate teaching. I used to love it, but my students make me hate it. Now I just pretend I care.
  • 10
    I hate teaching because the kids are maniacs and give you hell just For existing.
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  • 11
    Natural landscape - It's sad that I hate teaching because of the other teachers I have to deal with. Why can't we all be in it for the kids?
  • 12
    Text - I loved kids before I worked in child care. The corruption, terrible parents and worse kids ruined it. Parents treat us like dirt, kids hit us, directors only care about money Now l hate teaching
  • 13
    The way most kids are raised these days is slowly starting to make me hate teaching. They're so entitled and it makes me want to quit.
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  • 14
    I hate teaching, The thought of students watching my every move makes me anxious
  • 15
    I love learning which is why l became a teacher t turns out l hate teaching with a passion. I think about quitting all the time
  • 16
    Sky - The school I work at made me hate teaching, which makes me hate my employer more
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  • 17
    Text - Im about to graduate with a teaching degree and I hate teaching, Im so depressed everyday that l be stuck doing it forever.
  • 18
    I'm ateacher and I really hate teaching this generation They have no clue about what's going on in the world and everything is about social media
  • 19
    I hate teaching. I'm so stupid when I chose teaching as my Course. I don't even have a passion for it. Everything about it sucks especially the salary.
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  • 20
    standardized testing makes me hate teaching. I feel like I can't do my job well and even I feel like a slave to the system. I may just quit because I can't take it.
  • 21
    I'm a teacher and every year count down the days to holiday/vacation. I really hate teaching but I'm in too deep to quit now.


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