26 Shocking Confessions From Cops That'll Leave You Speechless

  • 1
    I'm a cop and when I pull someone over thats in a fast food restaurant uniform, I give them our local college application, not a ticket.
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    Mason jar - as a cop I love stupid people cause without them I would be jobless
  • 3
    I'm a police officer and on graveyard when there is limited cars on the road, my partners and I race our patrol cars!
  • 4
    Dog breed - I'm a cop and I feel guilty every time I break up a house party.?? l had fun when I was younger, why can't they?
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  • 5
    Im a cop but I really fancy a guy I had to arrest He definitely needed searching
  • 6
    Sky - Yes, you can get out of a ticket with a low cut shirt. Every cop has done it. I have.
  • 7
    Land vehicle - I'm a cop. When I'm bored, I follow people with expired tired tags with no intention of pulling them over just to see them squirm.
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  • 8
    Automotive lighting - I'm a cop When I'm off duty I flash my headlights to warn drivers of speed traps
  • 9
    I'm a cop, whenever I see someone walking drunk in public, I give thema ride home because they're making a better choice then driving drunk
  • 10
    I'm a cop and I hate it when parents point at me and tell their kids be good or he'll take you to jail No wonder people grow up to hate us.
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  • 11
    Land vehicle - I'm a cop and, at least once a week, I use my siren just for fun.
  • 12
    I'm a police officer. Our aim is always to help the public. We make mistakes, were human, we have bad days, But our goal is always to Help.
  • 13
    I hate it when people see me in my uniform and ask: "So,are you a Female cop? 1) Yes. That's why Im dressed as a cop. 2. I'm just a cop. Female" isnt in my job description.
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  • 14
    Motor vehicle - I'm a cop and I refuse to write tickets to people old enough to be my grandparents. They've paid their dues in life already!
  • 15
    I'm a cop, and I everyday before I start my shift I read the oath I took out loud to remind myself whyI became a cop. I will always run towards the danger to protect those l serve for.
  • 16
    Motor vehicle - I'm a cop and you're damn right I run a check on women before I date them. I also do it on guys that date my ex wife. I don't want freaks around my kids.
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  • 18
    Motor vehicle - I pulled a young lady over because I saw her balling her eyes out. felt she needed to talk. After talking she smiled and said thank you! Best thing I've done so far as a police officer
  • 19
    I'm a cop and I hate driving anywhere because everyone always slows down.
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  • 20
    I'm a cop. Last night I talked to a girl who was going to jump off an overpass bridge. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me when she gets out of the hospital. I hope helped her.
  • 21
    I'm a cop. I'm more likely to pull over an expensive car for speeding than other cars because I know they can afford to pay the ticket.
  • 22
    I'm a cop and sometimes when see people speeding, I just follow them until they slow down to an appropriate speed.
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  • 23
    Dog breed - When I'm a cop, if people have a dog I will pull them over just to pet their dog.
  • 24
    My secret: I'm a cop who shoplifts
  • 25
    As a police officer, I'm ashamed of those who abuse the power of the job. I won't defend them because they don't deserve their badges. Sorry to anybody who doesn't feel safe. I try my best.
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  • 26
    I'm a cop and I'm guilty of racial profiling.... I never pull over people who I think might be illegal immigrants
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