April Fools WINs

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In fine form, Youtube announces a Netflix-style DVD subscription service for April 1st. There's more WINning pranks from yesterday's April Fools tomfoolery right here:

Think Geek displays their new Wizard Robe accessory. Meanwhile, gaming accessory company Razer announces a set of goggles that will give you a HUD that will display gamer statistics in real time.

In more extravagant news, Virgin would like to take you to the center of the earth (with Seth Green and will.i.am of course). The unholy relationship between Google and Nascar is finally revealed: Start your engines! Sony announces their itty-bitty quarter-sized laptop (which will undoubtedly cost four times more than other products of its type).

Google continues their nigh-endless series of jokes by announcing a multi-tasking browser and a Morse-code enabled texting service (it's more efficient, really!).

Oh, and WestJet wants to make sure that you never fly with children in your cabin ever again.

As always, half of these pranks would be totally amazing if they were actually real. Have any more fun April 1st news and stories? Let us know in the comments!

Make sure to check out FAIL Nation for the wrong side of April 1st!

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