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10 of the Most Amazing Breakup Texts

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    Really Twist That Knife

    Text - Ex Edit Messages Were over k bye dont u bye me your spose to feel pain y arent u feeling pain? cuz i dont care G2G this is not over im txting u tommorow to break up with u again and this time ur gonna feel PAIN! your retarded

    You want them to hurt just like you hurt, but sometimes they just don't care.

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    It's a Matter of Grammar, Not the Heart

    Green - Hay bby Ansr meh bby L don't think this is working out. Y? bby? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH!

    Communication is key, and this person knows it.

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    The Magic Is Gone

    Text - GF Messages Edit Honey, can you write a poem to me? Sure Roses are red, violets are blue, a face like yours belongs to the zoo, but don't worry, I'll be there too! but not in the cage, but laughing at you That's so cute, wanna see me do a magic trick? Hahah, glad you liked it ) And sure :) Poof, you're single:) Send

    Some women may like poetry, but you know what they don't like? Crappy limericks. In fact, it's not just women. NO ONE like's crappy limericks.

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    Don't Cheat With an Angry Girlfriend

    Text - Mark Messages Edit Hello :) Oh, hey Mark. What's up? Oh, this isn't Mark. This is his other girlfriend, Zoey Apparently, he's been cheating on both of us for a little more than two years Oh, is that so? Well, I just so happen to have seen PainOlympics, if you know what I mean. .I have a feeling we're going to be very good friends. I'll meet you at his place in ten. Send

    For your own safety and sanity, do not Google pain olympics. We're serious.

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    Text - James Messages Edit hi, jared <3 i told james that i was sick and couldn't go out lol. are u ready for tonite?) omg how stupid. yes i am babe <3 can't wait to have u in my bed. ikr! lololol. and ugh, me too... i want u so bad. i'll break up with james next week! i promise! don't worry, hun. i'll do it for you. btw, this is james and we're over. OMG JAMES I'M SORRY. I DIDN'T MEANT THAT PLEASE FORGIVE ME!(( : goodbye slut. ;)

    Names aren't hard to read people. Always double check.

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    Make Sure You Text the Right Person

    Text - Cailtin, you are so sexy! I had a GREAT time today at the concert with you Jonathan, this is Jessica's father on her cell phone. Since I am here father, I would know that when she was born we did not name her Caitlin. Jessica won't get this message because since you were "at your grandmothers in Buffalo" she made other plans. O.O You have two options. 1. You tell Jessica that you are cheating as soon as possible, and I won't hurt you as bad. 2. I tell Jessica, and I pound you into dust. C

    And hope to god you don't get your girlfriend's father. It will only get worse from there.

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    Sometimes it Doesn't Take Much

    Text - Jenni Messages Edit i think we need to spend some time apart Oh nice jen. Dumping me over text. Classy I do not believe ur f shit Whatever I've wanted to be done with you anyway Well I meant to write spend some time at Pat's. Not apart. But this has been enlightening. Oh ha I was just kidding Send

    A Simple auto-correct mistake can do so much damage. But it's nice to know where your partner stands.

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    A Good Companion Needs a Good Heart

    Text - Baby Messages Edit Неyy I was told I have no soul today.. That's not true:( why would someone say that?: T laughed when Simba's dad died in lion king... We're so over. Send

    When you find out you're dating a sociopath, it's probably time to end it.

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    It's Good to Find the Humor in a Breakup

    Text - Isaiah Edit Messages Baby, please don't do this. You have no idea how important you are to me.. I gave you way too many chances. I'm done l do anything. Forget it, alright? We're octagon LOLOL i meant OVER. That was funny but i'm still breaking up with you Send

    To be fair, octagon is a funny word.

  • 10

    Whenever Possible Use Pictures

    Text - 2:35 AM al Verizon 3G Girlfriend Edit Messages Did u just break up w me? Send

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can really go in to detail on why the relationship isn't working.


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