Everything You Need To Know About The Walking Dead Season 5... So Far

After a grueling two month hiatus, The Walking Dead finally returns Sunday, February 8 with the last half of Season 5. Just in case you've forgotten everything that happened to Rick and the crew during the break, here's a quick recap.

Beware: Below there be spoilers...

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    Carol's The Biggest Bad-Ass of The Apocalypse

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    Via iMV
    The season opened with Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and basically everyone we love in a cannibal slaughterhouse at Terminus. Fortunately Carol had been watching her MacGuyver. With only a bottle rocket, and some walker intestines, she managed to free the gang, and destroy Terminus.

    Carol's perfect disguise

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    The Whole Crew Was Finally Reunited

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    Via leslieart
    Ever since the prison fell in Season 4, the gang has been separated, trying to survive. Once Terminus fell, the last group (Carol, Tyreese, and Judith) reconnected with the whole.

    Judith was a little confused

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    Except Beth...

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    Beth wasn't so lucky. The youngest Greene sister found herself in Season 5, in a hospital in Atlanta. Some over-militarized cops had started their own society based on indentured servitude.

    Pro-tip: Do not eat the lollipops.

    Fortunately she met a friend from her favorite 2000's sitcom.

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    Meanwhile, Rick Finds a Church

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    While Rick and the group are on the run from the remaining Terminus survivors, they run across the world's worst (even worse than Eugene!) walker fighter, Father Gabriel.

    He's survived this far by locking his congregation out, and eating all the food drive food, you know, like a real Christian!

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    Bob Makes a Delicious Meal

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    With all that canned food gone, it's time to make a supply run. Unfortunately Bob (everyone's favorite booze hound) gets bit, but before he can tell anyone he's dragged off by Gareth and the rest of the Terminus gang. When he comes to, he realizes they gave him the Hershel special, and had his leg for dinner

    Let's just hoped they cooked it long enough

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    But Before That, Carol and Daryl Leave To Get Beth

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    Via nennesis
    While Bob is off getting himself eaten, Carol and Daryl see the same car that took Beth, and start a hot pursuit. Will they find Beth? Will they get her out of her indentured servitude? Will they be distant but sexy?

    Definitely sexy

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    Rick Kept His Promise

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    The beef (pun intended) between the Terminus survivors and Rick's crew comes to a head in the church. With Daryl and Carol missing (don't you wish they had cell phones), Rick had to be bad-ass all on his own.

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    Meanwhile, Beth is Becoming Real Awesome

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    While Rick and the crew are dealing with those cannibals, Beth is navigating sexually assaulting cops, an elevator shaft filled with walkers, and high-stakes political intrigue.

    She even helps Noah (Everybody Hates Chris) escape, but it's not long until the hospital has a new guest.

    Everyone better watch out

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    Maggie and Glenn Leave With Abraham

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    With the cannibals gone, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita are itching to get back on their way to Washington DC. You see, Eugene is a brilliant scientist who can end the apocalypse.

    He needs extra protection, so Glenn and Maggie agree to help them out, since they helped Rick with Terminus, because little sisters are just annoying. Am I right?

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    But of Course, Their Trip Doesn't Work Out

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    Turns out that awkward guy, with the Billy Ray Cyrus haircut wasn't a scientist at all. Nope, he's just a guy who knows enough to lie about it. Fortunately, Abraham took the news pretty well.

    Where's the hospital when you need it?

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    Rick Goes Back to Atlanta

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    Via Jay4509
    Long story short... Daryl and Carol meet Noah. Carol gets hit by a car and taken to the hospital. Daryl takes Noah back to Rick and they all hatch a plan to take three of the hospital's officers and trade them for Beth and Carol.

    Time to hit the big city.

    It all goes off without a hitch, too

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    Things Don't Go According to Plan

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    Poor Maggie, just when she thinks she's not the only Greene left, they have to go and rip her heart out. Of course you know that Beth dies, and everyone freaks out. They even sent AMC a bunch of spoons to show them they want Beth back. That hole in her head is about as big as the one in our hearts.

    Here's to you, Beth.

    That's everything that happened in the first eight episodes of Season 5. Tune in this weekend to see where the gang goes from here. With no Beth, Terminus, or Washington DC, Rick's crew is without a tangible goal for the first time since the Prison Farm.

    Whatever they do, we know it'll be awesome:

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