Dating Fails

5 Tips for a Fun and Easy First Date

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    Don't Get Sloppy Drunk

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    You want to make it a night you love to remember, not a night you love to forget. Or a night you couldn't remember if you wanted. Look, just pace yourself, and remember you've got nothing to prove and you're trying to have fun. So, sure have a few to take the edge off. Just remember, you're trying to be Robert Downey Jr. now, not Roberty Downey Jr. in the 90s.
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    Don't Go Dancing

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    See this? This is probably what you look like. And, that's not how you want to make a good first impression. So if you want to move it, move it; just go for a walk in a park.
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    No Matter How Much You're Into Fashion, Don't Go Crazy

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    Maybe you consider yourself as a bit of a maven, but there's no reason to wander around looking like you are a 3 year old trying to dress yourself.
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    No One Likes a Negative Nancy

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    Maybe you had a bad day, perhaps your hamster is in a coma, but now is not the time to vent. You need to focus on the present and actually get to know the person sitting across from you.
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    If the Other Person Seems Incredibly Bored Just Call it Quits

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    There's a simple rule for life, relationships and first dates, "If the bad out weighs the good, do something else." It's a first date, don't force it if the two of you don't have a connection, there is no reason to stick it out. Even if it seems a bit rude, at least you won't be wasting the rest of either of your evenings.


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