The Comfort Of Being In A Long Term Relationship (12 Comics)

  • 1

    He will tolerate your lethal farts

    webcomic - Cartoon - kekekeke 4/ BOOON9 @Murc2Studio VsYcina L ME OUT OUT ...die you vile w oman
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  • 2

    He will notice any awkward detail in your face

    webcomic - Face - ..did you pop your pimple again...? no.
  • 3

    He will be there when you'll prefer to be less independant

    webcomic - Cartoon - I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN! IDON' T NEED NO MAN TO HELP ME! HANOS should ve just asked me for help... MY
  • 4

    He would love your belly in any size

    webcomic - Cartoon - LOOK AT MY FOOD BABY! LOOK... O@MurrzStudio
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  • 5

    Pooping Together

    webcomic - Text - Good morning! Good morning Whacha doin? pooping.keke ΜΕ TO !
  • 6

    He will massage your leg even if you didn't shave since Friday (but might be a bit pissed)

    webcomic - Cartoon
  • 7

    The endless fighting over the air-conditioner

    webcomic - Cartoon - 97F (pents O AV Jhs 47 degrees n here Con we turn on the AC Vse a fan Our electrc ..... Mwas $200 ast montk don t SWOOSHHII АННННІ! ок ок ока TURN IT ON GET OFFI
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  • 8

    You'll be wired together

    webcomic - Cartoon - FIND SOMEONE WHO'S go horsey negh JUST AS WEIRD AS YOU
  • 9

    Food fights

    webcomic - Cartoon - Beginning of dating Say ahhhh AHHH Eating together GIMME SOME
  • 10

    You can ask for attention at any point

    webcomic - Cartoon - EY love me
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  • 11

    Out of control

    webcomic - Cartoon - Poke НА HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I SAID HA HA HA STOP
  • 12

    He knows exactly which buttons to push

    webcomic - Cartoon - AV A H MUCH BETTER SO


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