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Jess Thom is one of the 10 percent of people with Tourette's syndrome who also have coprolalia -- the tendency to involuntarily blurt out curse words. Her most frequent tic words include "f**k" and "biscuit," but her tics also cause her to utter brilliant, hilarious and obscene phrases, which she's started collecting on her website, Tourettes Hero.

The site includes a searchable index of Thom's best tics, including fan-submitted illustrations of some of the more colorful phrases.

Tourettes Hero is also Thom's superhero alter ego -- costume and all -- which she adopted for speaking engagements and classroom visits to help educate people about an often-misunderstood condition shared by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and "change the world one tic at a time."

(Sorta not safe for work, f**king biscuits.)


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