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5 Mistakes to Avoid When You're Proposing

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    Don't Put the Ring in Food

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    Your special someone is probably really excited about whatever dessert they're about to eat. Let the eat it without the worry of choking or chipping a tooth. The last thing you want on the night you propose is a trip to the hospital. That always ruins the mood.
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    Hot Sauce Packets Are Not an Acceptable Way to Profess Your Love

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    Maybe you're just trying to keep things "caliente," but trust us. No one wants to be reminded of taco bell induced diarrhea when thinking of their engagement. NO ONE.
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    Proposing in Public Can Be Awkward

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    Proposing doesn't have to be a private affair, but public proposals can lead to some very awkward photos. And those awkward photos can lead to some very awkward conversations.
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    Don't Propose in Wal-Mart

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    This should go without saying. Seriously. But I'll say it again, just to stop it from happening. Please, don't propose in a Wal-Mart.
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    Get a Photo She Wants to Remember, Not This

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    If that lady is Lindsay, I can guarantee you that she doesn't want this photograph hung on any walls. It Looks like she's trying to pass a kidney stone. Which is not a moment typically associated with romance.


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